Jan. 18th, 2009

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I know this is two weeks behind roughly when it started again, and almost a week since the specific episode I want to talk about aired, but I just watched the last two. So ...

Vague spoilers for S8eps1-3 of 'Scrubs.' )

Detailed spoilers for S8-ep4 )
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Seriously, there's talk about Secret Diary of course, but the why and what of her producer role is more explained; she talks about her work out, the difference with Winston in her life. She talks about Who a bit -- including a line that dashed most of my hopes for her showing up at least once more on the specials. She also made it clear that acting is definitely still a part of her life. Phew! Anyhoo, it's a good, long in-depth read, so dive in.

... if you've got to bare your ass on TV, you don't want it to look bad. )

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It was stirring, a lot of pomp an dcircumsatnce, but I think it did its job. I certainly felt like it was a true celebration of my great nation. I am unabashedly a proud American, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday, Abraham Lincoln is my personal hero and this celebrated all of those things.

My favorite moments were Tom Hanks doing the Lincoln quoting (and, yes, I recited along with him The Gettysburg Address which I still have memorized to this day). Jaime Foxx impersonating Obama was pretty good too. I also enjoyed Garth Brooks and his performances (although, I thought the segue from the national parks and what-not to "American Pie" a bit, uhm, not very good). Still, he was good -- "Shout!" was fabulous -- and I especially liked when he respectfully took off his hat, acknowledged Obama and then waved to the girls. I'm not a big Bono/U2 fan, but I really enjoyed their performance. Bono just seemed to be infused with joy and it was contagious, and I loved how he shouted that every one, not just Americans, but the Irish, the Europeans, the Africans, the Israelis, the Palistinians want freedom too. Just because atrocities are being committed doesn't mean that most individuals of those warring countries don't want peace and freedom. I also enjoyed "This Land is Your Land" and the writer (?) trying to feed the words to the crowd. That was another joyful bit. And, ooh, ooh, towards the end, I saw George Lucas in the crowd. Cool!

Finally, the best for last -- Obama's speech ... which once again made me cry!!! I had alternate thoughts throughout his speech. The first was "Damn! That's my President! We did it!!," followed by a slight anxiety that something would happen to him. Of course, I suppose that former thought will never quite go away. Still, I want to rejoice and hold onto the first, the pride and happiness I feel. The hope. Because, you know, he sure does instill it. My worries and anxieties I'll put to another day. Today is about hope and joy.

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