Mar. 26th, 2009

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So I figured out why I'm not enjoying Life this season as much ... the only thing it now has that differentiates it from other procedurals is the off-center brilliance of Damian Lewis. Sadly, that's not enough. The cases are pedestrian, the one-liners/quips are more standardized that you'd find on just about any procedural and the arc-mystery is barely touched upon and when it is, it's kinda lame. Add to that, the loss of their cool lieutenant from last season, the sleazy (although, I do still love you, Donal Logue) new lieutenant, the entirely unbelievable Reese/new Lieut relationship, Reese separated because of Sarah Shahi's real life pregnancy, thus no Crews/Reese interaction quick spoiler for tonight ) ... it's not the same show. *sigh*

As for Life on Mars ...WINDY!!!! )
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I believe we've likely seen the last of Windy (with only one episode left, I'm pretty sure), so I clipped all of the Sam and Windy scenes (not many, but so much fun to watch!!!) and here is a zipped link to them ... (No spoilers.)

Sam & Windy clipped scenes -- included are two edited montages -- one is Sam's flashback of Windy's moments as it happened on the show with just the insertion of the psychedelic fantasy that Sam had that included Windy; the other is that same montage with the cute nose tap, fantasy and to different music ... totaling a whopping 16 seconds!!! (Check it out below.)

A few notes about the duo that never was, but soooooooooo should have been behind the cut ... ) Ah, Sam and Windy, I loved them so!


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