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Bottom-line, Dollhouse really does kick ass. It's such a shame that it will most likely be canceled because it really is turning out to be quite an excellent show. Sure the two leads (Eliza Dushku and Tamoh Penikett) are by far the weakest links, but neither of them is horrible. They are both good (with Penikett being better than Dushku), with enough moments of great here and there (with Penikett delivering more than Dushku) to make them work. Still, despite their lack of OMYGOD!greatness, the rest of the cast is SO FRICKIN' PHENOMENAL that they make up for it. And the best continues to be Enver Gjokaj as Victor. This guy is just amazing. If the show does get canceled, if there is any justice in casting, he WILL get something else. And whatever he gets? I'm there. He is AWESOME!!!

Hee! the delivery of the line was probably my favorite single moment of the entire episode. Again. Gjokaj is JUST amazing, I love him, I love him, I love him. I LOVE HIM! And so when Alpha stabbed him, my first thought was, "He better not be dead!!! If he's dead, I'm done watching the show. One episode left, a renewal, whatever, I'm DONE!" Then I realized he likely wasn't dead and so my third thought was, "Man, they de-pretti-fied Victor!!!!" Poor woobie Victor!!!

Yeah, so speaking of awesome actors ... Alan Tudyk. OH. MY. GOD!! He was even more amazing than I ever could have imagined. I just really wish so much now that I hadn't read the spoilers about him playing Alpha, because was so believable (and likable!) as Stephen. Uunfortunately, I spent the whole time wondering how he was "Stephen" and Alpha both. I thought that maybe he was somehow stuck on one of the implants, but I knew it was also possible he was just playing Paul the whole time. Which, of course, he was, but how much more awesome would that turn had been had I not known he was Alpha? Because Tudyk just completely kicked ass in the acting department.

Not much DeWitt, but we got some great Langton tonight. That was some long-drawn-out, but not in a boring way fight between him and Ballard. And, aww, we saw the connection between he and Echo is still there. But what about the connection between Echo and Alpha? Or Caroline? Or whatever the hell is going on with the previews!?!?!? So much worth tuning in for ...

Random thingies ...

- I love Mellie and I'm so saddened that her heart is broken and she doesn't understand why. And then Paul's face when he saw Mellie was so lacking in anything, while he had this look of practically love when he saw Echo. And, dude, that was just wrong. It's not about the logical of what Mellie-out-of-character told him, his reactions to them told the story. There should have been pain and regret and love over seeing Mellie, but he's clearly already written her off. Mellie was right all along, she really was never anything more than a substitute for his obsessive love for Caroline. Poor Mellie.

- Okay, so was I the only one who totally thinks that Dr. Sanders is an implant now and that she's actually a Doll, who's just established long-term there now? Because Victor as Dominick called her "Whiskey." I don't think he was asking for whiskey to drink, although that was clearly what we were supposed to think. No, he was calling her "Whiskey," as in the military alphabet (with W - Whiskey) like the other Dolls.

Anyhoo, another fabulous episode. Such a shame that this and Terminator are likely canceled, both are so damn good. Ah well.
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