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So I was thinking about Jim Parsons and how over the course of the last month or so, the reaction to him has turned toward drooling, flailing, capslock-squeeing over his hotness, etc. Even the media has jumped in a bit, with one reporter calling him sexy, and TV Guide issue that interviewed him had this on their cover:

So, anyhoo, it got me to thinking about my recent fandoms and how all of the guys in them (that I find attractive) are not the stereotypical, conventional "hunks" that one usually hears drooled about in the media. The two things they have in common are: amazing talent and jaw-dropping charisma. Apparently for me, and those with who I share the fandom, that's enough to make one drool ... even if the guys aren't the cliched H'wood beauty. (Although, admittedly, some come closer than others).

Christopher Eccleston

I've been a big fan of his for ages, but it wasn't until watching him as the Doctor on Doctor Who that I got all hot and bothered over him. Older, big ears/nose, whatever, he's damn sexy and he's got beautiful blue eyes.

David Tennant

Again, this is all about Who. I will admit that my OHMYGOD! He's so beautiful! squealling has waned a bit as I've been a bit weaned from my obsession. But I still find him attractive and damn charismatic as hell. I mean, look at him ... how can I not?

Jason Dohring

Fell for him on Veronica Mars, his hotness growing on me, until he had me doing the whole flailing, squeeing thing at the drop of a hat. He was the only thing worth watching on Moonlight, in my opinion, and I very much look forward to seeing him again on The Body Politic -- pleaseeprettyplease get picked up! -- where I can flail and squee anew.

Jim Parsons

The guy who got this thought rolling. You know, the thing is that he plays the nerd so well, and the haircut and clothes don't help, but when he's wearing decent clothes, he looks pretty damn good. And when he has more hair, he actually looks REALLY good. I swear, my jaw-dropped when I rewatched his one scene in Garden State last week, because with more hair framing his face, it just softened his features and his eyes (another one with gorgeous blue eyes) and his lips and his skin and his bone structure ... damn, he looked beautiful. Ahem ... yeah. I'm still in the early throes of them.

So, thoughts, your own list of unconventional hotties?!? LOL!
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