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Monday night TV, but for 24 and Castle. I'll probably do a second post for those two that includes the as yet unwatched Dollhouse and The Amazing Race. I'm planning on writing posts on the season (yes, damnit! season) finales of Life and Terminator (both BEYOND AWESOME!) later this week. But for now ...

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Seriously this show just gets better and better. I kid you not, I cried tonight. Not a major cry by any stretch of the imagination, but I got misty-eyed and then an actual tear leaked. FIVE. EPISODES. IN!! I'm that involved.

Am I the only one who thinks of the 'Life' opening credits when these credits flash? They're so similar. )
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I call it the finale because as far as I'm concerned it IS the finale forever and ever of Doctor Who for me -- well, at least until Moffat is gone!

Anyhoo, spoilers ... )
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Okay, it was voted on by fans, but she still won, so yay for Julianne!! And her acceptance speech was adorable. Love her!! :) And she got a standing ovation from the audience, country music's best. Go Julianne!!! And for the occasion, I finally made a Juliane-only icon (and cleaned out some other ones, sigh -- give me more icon space, lj!!!). And now I'm listening to her CD again!

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I've wanted to do a new layout for awhile, but couldn't find one I liked. I wound up going with this one, although I made my own background and header (duh!). The one thing I'll really miss is how the tags were in that little scroll box of their own. Sigh. I love that and wish it was easily set up in all layouts. Ah well.

Still ... SQUEE! New layout!!!!

ETA: I have a new profile. I've never had a layout before, and I love this so much. I highlighted all of my main faves right now and it is AWESOME!!! I love it!! Click on the mini-profile to go to the profile.

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Plus, woohoo!! More Windy!!!! On that note, I'm still downloading the final episode to clip the Sam/Windy scenes, is anyone interested in me putting those up too? I really didn't expect to see her this final episode that's why I clipped them all last week.

Anyhoo, about the finale ... Magnificent and totally unexpected wrap-up. )

ETA: Most people on TWoP hated this, but I still stand by loving it. And there was an interview with TPTB that basically said that this was always planned to be the ending chapter, to which I say, unreservedly: BRAVA!!!! This was brilliant, utterly brilliant, ingenious and absolutely tied everything together in a way that made about as much sense as possible, while hitting the right major note for me. I LOVED IT!

I uploaded the ending to youtube -- it's below in the comments.
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Okay, so I'm not crazy. I just posted in reply to someone on my lj and over at [ profile] harper47's that the upcoming movie may positively affect my beloved show's chances for survival, and lookee what I read over at some TV prognosis site!
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles -- Fox absolutely loves Terminator... but Fox also absolutely hates poor ratings. However, Terminator has one great thing going for it--McG's Terminator: Salvation opens in theaters in May. If it's a hit, it could restrengthen the brand and give this promising show new life.

Prognosis: It sounds silly to say a TV show's fate relies on a movie's performance, but let's face it--the television industry is as wacky as they come.
My fingers are crossed; my fingers are crossed!
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This show can NOT be canceled. It is so very, very good. The characters are so rich, so full of depth; the acting is superb. The story, the arcs are so intriguing. I have NO idea what is going on but I'm so utterly spellbound by watching the story unfold. Tonight's episode? Just another amazing one. This show keeps knocking 'em out.

About tonight's episode ... )
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While I took this off of my DVR, I've been attempting to watch the performances when they're put up and I have to say I've been liking Kris Allen more and more each week. His performance (but for the last note) this week of "Ain't No Sunshine" was quite spectacular. I wonder if the cute, talented little dude might manage to sneak into the top two. I kinda like him.

FYI, Adam Lambert and Megan Corkey remain complete and utter hot messes.
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I don't know why I find this so hilarious, but I do. I *literally* laughed out loud during it. Kalleanka71 put together opening credits of Star Wars (the original thank you very much!) to not only the Dallas theme, but their style of credits as well. HYSTERICAL!

This was in response to someone doing Star Trek:TNG/Dallas opening -- personally, I prefer the SW one.

Ah, the internets.
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Well, tonight was an interesting one. Two couples rose highly in my estimation, while the rest pretty much stayed as is. Listing these in order of not just technique, but on the level of enjoyment I got out of the dance.

Read more... )
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Just quick on How I Met Your Mother, more on TBBT.



Damn, this block of CBS funny is so fantabulous!!!!
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I was tagged by [ profile] melnay13 ... Firstly: People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

Secondly: Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

20 Question meme. )

Tagging - [ profile] candlewaxdreams, [ profile] dreaamer, [ profile] faith5by5_1013, [ profile] fiery_twilight, [ profile] irishlullaby, [ profile] jo_potter, [ profile] isiscaughey and [ profile] leosgreens
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I believe we've likely seen the last of Windy (with only one episode left, I'm pretty sure), so I clipped all of the Sam and Windy scenes (not many, but so much fun to watch!!!) and here is a zipped link to them ... (No spoilers.)

Sam & Windy clipped scenes -- included are two edited montages -- one is Sam's flashback of Windy's moments as it happened on the show with just the insertion of the psychedelic fantasy that Sam had that included Windy; the other is that same montage with the cute nose tap, fantasy and to different music ... totaling a whopping 16 seconds!!! (Check it out below.)

A few notes about the duo that never was, but soooooooooo should have been behind the cut ... ) Ah, Sam and Windy, I loved them so!

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So I figured out why I'm not enjoying Life this season as much ... the only thing it now has that differentiates it from other procedurals is the off-center brilliance of Damian Lewis. Sadly, that's not enough. The cases are pedestrian, the one-liners/quips are more standardized that you'd find on just about any procedural and the arc-mystery is barely touched upon and when it is, it's kinda lame. Add to that, the loss of their cool lieutenant from last season, the sleazy (although, I do still love you, Donal Logue) new lieutenant, the entirely unbelievable Reese/new Lieut relationship, Reese separated because of Sarah Shahi's real life pregnancy, thus no Crews/Reese interaction quick spoiler for tonight ) ... it's not the same show. *sigh*

As for Life on Mars ...WINDY!!!! )
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I left work way early and am home today (which sucks because I really didn't want to miss work at all, but my brain is mush and I need my brain to NOT be mush to learn my job, so ... yeah home -- feverish, achy, fun). In order to not sleep non-stop (which I want to do), I did watch Monday night TV and I have some new friends via the [ profile] going_my_way friending meme, so an intro ...

Me. I live in Georgia with 3 cats, my family leaves 15 minutes away and that's lovely. I just got a new job as a 9-1-1 dispatcher/call-taker and the training process is VERY LONG! I've been training for a month-and-a-half now and I still have a long way to go. Man, do those officers speak quickly, and all of the codes and signals. It's totally another language (thus the whole, needing my brain to work, and not be mush).

Fandom-wise, my main fandom right now is probably The Big Bang Theory featuring [ profile] sheldon_penny (wonderful little fandom growing in leaps and bounds). Second is Doctor Who, second because while I do love the show, my main thrust is Doctor/Rose and Rose is, erm, gone. Plus, I despise Steven Moffat as a writer/producer, so once RTD's specials are over with, I'm, alas, done with Who. It's not Matt Smith, really. It's Moffat, plain and simple. Ah well. On the subject of Who, I know it's slow-going, but I'm doing extensive rewatch-reviews of almost all of the Rose-related episodes, plus my favorite episodes period. Where I'm at with those ... ) Oh, and check out header -- I adore Billie Piper, she's my current favorite actress. My favorite actor is Jason Dohring known best from Veronica Mars and Moonlight. He has a possible new show next fall -- Body Politic -- go Jason!!!

I rarely write about real life in my lj, it's mostly fandom-thoughts, movie and (MOSTLY) television reviews/thoughts. Welcome! :D

Now, mostly brief Monday night TV thoughts ...

How I Met Your Mother )

Dancing with the Stars )

24 )

Re: Kings

Mar. 22nd, 2009 11:59 pm
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Am I the only who watched it last week and was wholly unimpressed? It seems like everyone else who watched it loved it.

Not me. I thought the lead young dude was as milquetoast as they come, the "love story" between him and the King's daughter was ludicrous, came out of nowhere, as predictable as B coming after A, and the two had no chemistry. In fact, the entire show was so blindingly predictable I could dictate pretty much everything that happened before it happened. Ian McShane, as always, was AWESOME! Stan Sebastian (I think that's his name) was much better on this than he was on Gossip Girl and I did think he was great, if wasted in an entirely -- wait for it! -- predictable role. Brilliant premise, yes, but nothing was made of it. At all.

Seriously, was I the only one who watched it and felt this way?


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