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So on the next page of my EW was "My Favorite Scene" with Allison Janney and it's so funny because this was one of mine and my sister's favorite scenes in Hairspray, because of the line, the action and the delivery.

Cut for spoiling a scene in the movie. )

I. love. her.
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Never have I been more happy to be a fan of Allison Janney. I never would have watched the movie were she not in it, and I'm so glad I did (and my sister is too). It was so much fun, so boppy and bouncy and utterly delightful. All of the casting was spot-on and wonderful.

Nikki Blonsky - delightful and a MUCH better singer than the Broadway version.
John Travolta - PERFECT!!!
Michelle Pfeiffer - Divine and in the last scene together with Travolta I whispered to my sister "Grease 1 and Grease 2!!"
Zac Efron - I remember that I did find him charming in High School Musical and he was here as well.
James Marsden - LOVE. HIM!!!!!!!
Brittany Snow - Susan from Guiding Light is all grown-up. And to think? She and Hayden Panetierre played step-siblings on GL once upon a time.
Queen Latifah - I simply bow to her (pun intended)
Allison Janney - Small role, but she sold every second.

The whole cast was wonderful. The movie was just utterly fabulous. If you want some light, fun, funny entertainment that will make you grin from ear to ear and tap your toes (and shimmy your body) ... GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I was fastforwarding through the commercials during Survivor and swore I saw AJ. I was right! She's guest-starring on Two and Half Men this Monday, so I'm gonna be watching!!! Woohoo!! And there was a write-up praising her in the new Entertainment Weekly.

Review for 'Two and Half Men,' a tad spoilery. )

I think it's a good sign that AJ was able to get a good review even on THIS show and that it bodes well for her sitcom come fall!
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Allison Janney's untitled sitcom and now Michael Vartan "will headline ABC's untitled drama pilot about four high-powered CEOs or CEOs-to-be who are all friends. Vartan will play the new CEO of a large corporation who is described as the moral center of the show."

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NBC actually picked it up for the whole season. Hopefully *hopefully* Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme WILL realize that they need to make some changes and the promise of this show will be found. I still think it has potential to be a wonderful show, but it does need work. Maybe this will give them the opportunity (and a possible Allison Janney guest star turn?). Fingers crossed!
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Woohoo!! I haven't seen all of these, but I've seen most of them and whenever Allison shows up on the Ellen Degeneres Show it's lots and lots of fun. So I can't wait. She'll be on there on Thursday, October 12. I can't wait.
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So excited. I got the first six seasons on DVD and I'm very excited to be able to just sit and enjoy them at my leisure. And, of course, glory in the awesomeness that is Allison Janney!!

I'm so excited!! And as the lone CJ/Josh shipper on the planet, I'm totally going to be clipping all of their scenes to just enjoy!
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So, for anyone who reads my lj regularly, you know that I just recently discovered and watched all of The West Wing and that I consider Allison Janney like THE most amazing actress ever, much adoration. Well, she's nominated for an Emmy again and I've been reading the "buzz-o-meters" and she is the likely win for most. The thing is I know that many seem bummed by this, but frankly, I don't care. No one I love has ever won anything (an Emmy, Oscar, VMA, etc.) while I was into them, so this would be a first for me. And if she does win, I'll probably just not read the post-articles which would bash her win. Of course, with my curse -- everything I like, even if it is hot at the time, falls apart once I become obsessed ... yes, I blame the suckiness of VM/LoVe in S2 on my curse, I'm that insane -- I expect her to lose. But if she does win, I'll be sooooo happy. (I would be okay if Kyra Sedgewick -- who is getting a lot of "She'll win!" sentiment too) won, but I really, really, REALLY want Allison to win!!!)

ETA: On the Allison Janney front, I just read that CBS is doing an "Untitled Allison Janney" comedy for Fall 2007. Woo! Forget the fall2006 TV schedule (though I am anxiously awaiting Studio 60), now I'm in ecstasy for 2007. Allison Janney every week!!! Woohoo!!!
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See me dancing for joy!! Woohoo!!! She probably won't win, but gosh, I would love if she did. I just think that woman can do no wrong when it comes to acting, but alas I didn't watch the show until three months ago and crammed in all seven seasons and thus never saw her win one of her much (and many) deserved Emmys, so I'd love to see her win with the last shot she has for this role. Ah, either way!!! I'll be happy for now because WOOHOO!! Allison Janney got an Emmy NOM!!!!!
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So I'm at the beginning of Season Five of The West Wing -- I started watching it a month ago and am completely in love with it. (I know ... Where have I been!) Anyhoo, I personally think that Allison Janney (whom I've loved since her days as Ginger the maid on Guiding Light) is the best thing since sliced bread. So much adoration for her, there simply are no words.

In fact, there should be a new word created for the definition of beyond awesome and it should be 'Janney.' )


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