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Stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID DwtS judges. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!

Seriously!!! Number SEVEN!?!?!? When Julianne/Helio were number five?!?! And they didn't even choose the Samba?!?!? Or the Tango!??!?!? Or the Paso Doble?!?!?

Well, you know what Len, Carrie-Ann and Bruno? SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The top 10 judges' dance picks )
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that has nothing to do with him at all? I've told myself I WILL NOT watch any Apolianne dances until Helio is voted off, because if I do, I just won't be able to continue to watch Julianne with Helio without weeping. As more weeks go by, I really, really, REALLY want to watch Apolianne. Damn you, Helio, get voted off!!

On another note, woohoo James Scott (EJ of EJ/Sami from Days of Our Lives a.k.a. my current obsession right now) was in the audience. I spotted him (as did many other Days fans) right after Julianne and Helio's second dance. He was probably there to support Cameron. Scott was on All My Children for a period before they killed off his character and EJ was created specifically for him on Days.

Sigh, how sad is it that my favorite thing about DwTS tonight was the fact that a soap actor whom I'm currently hot for was in the audience?
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I gotta say that Helio is great, but he needs to lose the perma-smile; and as good as he and Julianne are, they don't have that perfect fit that Julianne and Apolo had, but then my Apolianne really were once in a blue moon. Sigh.

I still love Marie and Jane, but I gotta say that Jennie has been sneaking up on me and tonight she just cemented her place in my top faves. Brief spoiler about tonight. )
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Well, that's it. The dancing is over. Sniff, sniff.

Before the cut, I must say one thing -- not a spoiler ... PAULINAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Man, she SO should not have gone out before the first six dancers that went after her. Grrr!!!!!!!!!!

Alrighty, on with the results. )
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No spoilers ...

DwtS: Apolo and Julianne = Love (and crappy, crappy music tonight).

That is all.

Heroes, just a general thought on two characters/actors.

Kring screwed up. Seriously, of ALL the characters he could have picked to be related, he had to pick the two played by actors with tremendous chemistry. Hayden P. and Milo V. have such a chemical onscreen connection and the fact that Claire/Peter are Uncle/Niece just strikes me as such a waste every second they spend on screen together.

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I always mean to not write these up, but then I always wind up doing so anyway. What can I say? The rhythm gets me?

Reactions behind the cut. )

Woohoo!!! Lisa Rinna performance tomorrow. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
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I wasn't going to write this up, but eh, decided why not. Julianne/Apolo were way too good to not praise. Had to praise them. They're awesome!! Anyhoo, thoughs on all behind the cut. )
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I'll get to 24 tomorrow. Yes, the season is so meh so far that for the first time since I began watching it live, I chose not to, well, watch it live. Sigh.


However, I did watch the deliciously ridiculous as always prison break )

And of course, with the joy of four -- count 'em, FOUR! -- couples I like in Dancing With the Stars )

Sigh, and I still miss Louis and Ashly. There's pretty good reasons why both aren't there though; according to his blog, Louis is apparently too short He's 5'8" for the ladies this year, but he's involved in behind the scenes stuff) and Ashly is pregnant. Still, I miss them. Hopefully, both will be back next year and maybe Ashley will get a return to a good partner as she had in S1. (She and Joey McIntrye were my first favorite couple.)


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