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I left work way early and am home today (which sucks because I really didn't want to miss work at all, but my brain is mush and I need my brain to NOT be mush to learn my job, so ... yeah home -- feverish, achy, fun). In order to not sleep non-stop (which I want to do), I did watch Monday night TV and I have some new friends via the [ profile] going_my_way friending meme, so an intro ...

Me. I live in Georgia with 3 cats, my family leaves 15 minutes away and that's lovely. I just got a new job as a 9-1-1 dispatcher/call-taker and the training process is VERY LONG! I've been training for a month-and-a-half now and I still have a long way to go. Man, do those officers speak quickly, and all of the codes and signals. It's totally another language (thus the whole, needing my brain to work, and not be mush).

Fandom-wise, my main fandom right now is probably The Big Bang Theory featuring [ profile] sheldon_penny (wonderful little fandom growing in leaps and bounds). Second is Doctor Who, second because while I do love the show, my main thrust is Doctor/Rose and Rose is, erm, gone. Plus, I despise Steven Moffat as a writer/producer, so once RTD's specials are over with, I'm, alas, done with Who. It's not Matt Smith, really. It's Moffat, plain and simple. Ah well. On the subject of Who, I know it's slow-going, but I'm doing extensive rewatch-reviews of almost all of the Rose-related episodes, plus my favorite episodes period. Where I'm at with those ... ) Oh, and check out header -- I adore Billie Piper, she's my current favorite actress. My favorite actor is Jason Dohring known best from Veronica Mars and Moonlight. He has a possible new show next fall -- Body Politic -- go Jason!!!

I rarely write about real life in my lj, it's mostly fandom-thoughts, movie and (MOSTLY) television reviews/thoughts. Welcome! :D

Now, mostly brief Monday night TV thoughts ...

How I Met Your Mother )

Dancing with the Stars )

24 )
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As I've stated elsewhere, once I finished season two of New Who, I was going to rewatch and review what I call my "Her Name was Rose" collection (click here for the full list of episodes). I know it's been over two months since I did the rewatch-review for Bad Wolf, but with real life happenings and, more especially, the knowledge that after this there was no more Nine, no more Christopher Eccleston, I've been delaying doing this one.

Oh heck, it has nothing to do with real life, I just didn't want to say goodbye to Nine yet. *Sigh* I do adore the Ninth Doctor so. I've been a fan of Eccleston for years, but this show, his performance as the Doctor made me absolutely love him. *Double sigh* But here we are, at last ... 'The Parting of the Ways' ... Specific spoilers for series one, as well as 'Doomsday' and 'Journey's End.' )
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I was thinking of setting up some sort of Billie comm that's similar to SPDN for Doctor/Rose: A tri-weekly post that has links to Billie interviews/articles, new pictures, discussion of episodes (Who/Secret Diary), icons, wallpapers, picspams, vids, reviews, etc. Ideally, I'd like some help setting up and running it (two to three people alongside me would be lovely), but I'd definitely want people who are into Billie and getting info/posts, etc. about her out there. So if anyone was interested in helping me with this (that is to say if there is any interest at all), I'm looking for someone who ...

1. When asked your fave Who actor, the response is Billie Piper.
2. You are a member of the active Billie comms, and visit her active websites weekly.
3. Are familiar with her music.

Basically, a die-hard, super-duper Billie fan.

So, any interest?
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Seriously, there's talk about Secret Diary of course, but the why and what of her producer role is more explained; she talks about her work out, the difference with Winston in her life. She talks about Who a bit -- including a line that dashed most of my hopes for her showing up at least once more on the specials. She also made it clear that acting is definitely still a part of her life. Phew! Anyhoo, it's a good, long in-depth read, so dive in.

... if you've got to bare your ass on TV, you don't want it to look bad. )

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She talks a bit more about the exec producing thing, and also made a comment that indicated to me that she's not giving up acting beyond her contract with SDoaCG which had been floated out there. Phew! Anyhoo, it's a good one, and part one of two (the second will show up next week).

Enjoy! )
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[ profile] rynne put up a whole bunch of D/R quotes -- go there now! -- but, oh Julie Gardner, I love you so! This part of these were my two favorites simply because the first highlighted (a) my long-held belief that yes, damnit! Rose LOVED Nine and (b) it's got a little Eccleston plug, and the second one because ... yes, LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!

JG, on Rose in "The Christmas Invasion"
Rose, of course, was suspicious, because she absolutely adored, loved Christopher Eccleston's Doctor. [cut to scene of Rose crying in Jackie's arms in TCI.] So, she had to fall in love with him again ...
JG, re: "The Stolen Earth":
But Russell T Davies is just a bad man. We've waited for so many seasons for Rose to finally find the Doctor--it's that amazing smile, I think, that Billie has, a big close up when she first sees him that kind of says everything.

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Oh, she was adorable (wearing this). So open and again, down to earth. Talking about the real Belle's really great rack, explaining that some men who go to prostitutes do it simply because they can't get laid, LOL! She was just charming and funny and awesome. I also loved how she sat there through the whole show, so the show got more plugs in even at the end. WHOO!

Quite enjoyable.
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... namely that her status is being bumped up to executive producer on the third season of Secret Diary.
For the third season, which will go into production soon, Piper will be elevated to an executive producer. De Souza said Piper was, "funny and smart. She sits in [with the writers] and comes up with ideas. That's going to be great." She added that she felt Piper being elevated to this position was a natural progression, noting that in the first year, they initially didn't know Piper well, but by the second season, the writing was done with her personality in mind. As de Souza put it, there'd be times they'd think "Oh, Billie will really get this joke. Let's do it this way." Piper said that the show was such an interesting subject matter and she had so bonded with the role and the producers, that "it just seemed, personally, a nice, natural place to go." She added, "I didn't have to fight too well [to get the producer role], which was nice," to which de Souza replied, "No, not at all! It would have been a pain in the neck if Billie were a pain in the neck.'
Read the full article under the cut. )

Seriously, I love Billie, she cracks me up and she's so down to earth about it all. This was a nice, more in-depth article about her and the show than I'm used to seeing, and it featured some new info. "The lady garden" bit was especially hilarious.
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... and she looked gorgeous. Of course. Just wanted to put up a few pics, but you can find all of them at BilliePiperFan and (Can't wait for the HQs to become available.)

Look at that smile! So, so beautiful.

A few more ... )
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I've seen a bunch of small reviews of the US release of S1 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, but while most did praise Billie, they were small snippets and nothing really worth repeating. But I just read a great review that captured probably my favorite thing about the show, including the part Billie plays in making it work so well.
The charm of Secret Diary of a Call Girl comes from Piper's asides to the audience. The constant fracturing the fourth wall to directly address the viewer with an explanation -- or just a wry look -- elevates the viewing experience from voyeurism to participation. These are brilliantly done, and Piper's delivery is spot on.
Those were some of my favorites moments in the series, and Billie's delivery -- as stated -- is just spot-on, utterly perfect. Sometimes, just a smile, a raised eyebrow in our direction was enough to send me into fits of giggles. Just awesome. Sigh, I hate that I have to wait until next week to buy this, but soon!!!

Read the full review.

I know I'm a posting fiend today. This should be it, I swear.
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I'm really wanting to get more Billie Piper fans on my flist so here's a Billie friending meme. I'm sure most people know how friending memes work, but in case someone doesn't.... just copy the questions from the text box into a comment with your answers. If you see someone you think you might get along with, don't be afraid to ask to be friended.

Please feel free to pimp this anywhere! :D
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Seriously. Too adorable for words. I absolutely loved it; and it's the first thing I've seen Billie in other than Who and Secret Diary that I want to own* ... and she was barely in it. I actually believe that she had only four lines, maybe five, but I'm really thinking it was only four. Anyhoo, if you have Netflix, haven't watched this, don't mind non-overly-angsty movies and like Orlando Bloom ... WATCH THIS!!

Spoilers for the film behind the cut. )

* Sniff, sniff, and the damn thing's not available in the region1 format anywhere. WAH!!!!
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Just watched Shakespeare Re-told: Much Ado About Nothing ... it was great getting some Damian Lewis along with my Billie fix. (Along with four, count 'em FOUR!, Doctor Who guest stars. Honestly, I think my favorite thing about watching BBC productions is the number of actors I recognize from Who, LOL!) Anyhoo, on with my thoughts ...

Man, Martha just can't catch a break. Rose is always getting the man first! )
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I was trying to get my 2-year old niece to tell me that she loved me. Succeeded, and then we moved on to further confirmation about all family members because she says "yeah" very cutely. So I repeat all immediate family member names and she says "yeah" (cutely). Then she says "who else?" So I start throwing random family names out. Finally I say my brother's name -- the uncle she's never met and I realize she just wants to acknowledge her love for any name I throw at her.

So I ask "Do you love Billie Piper?" She says, "yeah." I ask "Do you love Nine and Rose?" Her response: "Yeah." "Do you love Ten and Rose?" Predictably, "yeah." Then I ask: "Who do you love more: Nine and Rose or Ten and Rose?" And she says without missing a beat, "Ten and Rose." I laughed and said, "Ah, so you're a Tennant girl?" And she says, "I Tennant girl," clear as day.

Sorry, Chris.
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My google alerts on Billie paid off. I just got a hit with an interview with the producer of SDoaCG and series three is definitely a go. Yay! I can't wait. Pre-production begins in February with the show returning August 2009.

Read more... )
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You know, you know, the coral one. Yeah, yeah, yeah. (Thanks to [ profile] goldy_dollar for the linkage!)

Behind the cut, it's behind the cut!!! )
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As I've stated elsewhere, once I finished season two of New Who, I was going to rewatch and review what I call my "Her Name was Rose" collection (click here for the full list of episodes). Nearing the home stretch of series one, here we go with number eleven, "Boom Town."

I've found one aspect in which I prefer Moffat's episodes to Rusty's. The former's take me an hour, two tops to write. It took me six for this one. Man! (Spoilers for the upcoming two-parters as well as 'Journey's End.') )

For quick reference: Handporn! Time!! )
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I like to make different skins for my winamp player (classic version) and I thought I'd share. If anyone does like them and snags them, please let me know because I make different ones all the time and if there's interest, I'll upload more when I do them.

Anyhoo to use ...

1. Download the skin of your choice into this folder: C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins
2. Right-click on the right-hand side of your winamp player.
3. Select "skins"
4. Choose the skin of your choice

Billie skins )

Doctor/Rose skins )
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As I've stated elsewhere, once I finished season two of New Who, I was going to rewatch and review what I call my "Her Name was Rose" collection (click here for the full list of episodes). I've done the first nine episodes of series one; here comes number ten, the second of a two-parter.

The Last of Moffat for me ... ever! )

For quick reference: Handporn! Time!! )


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