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Monday night TV, but for 24 and Castle. I'll probably do a second post for those two that includes the as yet unwatched Dollhouse and The Amazing Race. I'm planning on writing posts on the season (yes, damnit! season) finales of Life and Terminator (both BEYOND AWESOME!) later this week. But for now ...

The Big Bang Theory )

How I Met Your Mother )

Dancing with the Stars )
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[ profile] dollsome posted a link to a How I Met Your Mother article (on their recent cast interview thingie they did) and there were a bunch of spoilers including this Barney/Robin one that I know will make many a person ...

You really didn't think I'd reveal before the cut? )

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I'll probably do a BBT write-up -- meh episode -- later tonight, and 24 tomorrow -- too awesome, did it tonight. But for now, the awesomeness that continues to be How I Met Your Mother.

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I'm an episode behind on Boston Legal so I'm not watching the series (sniff, sniff) finale tonight. I figure I'm going to stretch it out this week to savor the end. And I just didn't get to Prison Break yet. So the Monday shows I DID watch!

How I Met Your Mother )

The Big Bang Theory )

Terminator )
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Quick TV thoughts, no really, they ARE quick! (Go me!) ...

Law & Order (No spoilers) - FABULOUS season-opener. Really, just kick-ass. I love this show so much. So, so, so much. And while I miss Jesse L. Martin, I've always loved Anthony Anderson and he's doing great. Just great, great season opener. And the last line was AWESOME!!! (I wouldn't be surprised if they did dub two versions of it, though. Still awesome.)

TheAmazing Race (No spoilers) - I enjoy this, of course, simply because it IS The Amazing Race, but other than liking Toni/Dallas, I don't really care about any team, so I don't really care who wins. I just know that I don't want the Frats or Sarah/Terrence to win. And while I do like Toni/Dallas (I know you love 'em, Gerrie), I don't like *like* them. I dunno, it's been the least I'm-involved-in-emotionally TAR ever. Oh well. I still do enjoy it.

Cold Case )

How I Met Your Mother )

Terminator )

Prison Break )

DwtS )

The Mentalist (No spoilers) - Good show; it's not earth-shattering, it's not obsessive; it's not appointment television, it's just good and enjoyable. Same as usual.

Eli Stone )
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HIMYM is just getting better and better. A few specifics for this episode ... behind the cut )

Terminator gets some thoughts too ... )

Not getting to Prison Break tonight, and I still have Brothers & Sisters from last night, The Eleventh Hour from the night before, the last two episodes of Boston Legal AND I didn't get to the rewatch-review of "The Doctor Dances" (Doctor Who). Not to mention the three -- count 'em, THREE -- episodes of Dexter, Four -- count 'em, FOUR! -- episodes of Gossip Girl (okay, I'm going to zip through those as I actually won't watch every scene, but still ...) sitting on my computer. (Heck, I'm three episodes behind on Merlin and I'm almost thinking I should just give that one up. Sigh.)

The baptism ceremony of my two nephews and niece (my sister joined a new church, Episcopalian, they really like it, so thus the baptism ceremony) really ate so much of my weekend time up. It was worth it, though, I loved all of the family time, but man, is my tv-watching schedule hurting from it. Sigh.
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I've enjoyed all of the HIMYM episode so far this season, but this one was AWESOME! By far the best of the bunch. I laughed throughout the whole thing.

Spoilers )
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[ profile] dollsome posted snippets of a Craig Thomas interview with and OMYGOD!!! Any doubt I had that they would screw up Barney/Robin is gone ... though, to be honest, if you've read my thoughts on the last episodes of season three, you know that I had no doubts. And, AHA! I was right.

Read on behind the click, behind the click. (No real spoilers, just vague stuffies.) )
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Ah!!! I'm looking through past entries and came across this one from July 2nd, 2006. Yuppers, I KNEW I liked them long time.

10 Current Favorite Couples on TV

1. Logan/Veronica (Veronica Mars)
2. Simon/Katie (As the World Turns)
3. House/Cameron (House)
4. Booth/Brennan (Bones)
5. George/Izzy (Grey's Anatomy)
6. Jack/Chloe (24)
7. Jim/Pam (The Office)
8. Barney/Robin (How I Met Your Mother)
9. Keith/Kendall (Veronica Mars)
10. Kara/Gaius (Battlestar Galactica, I know, but I can't help it! I love their chemistry.)
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No thoughts on Gossip Girl beyond Chuck/Blair because honestly, I don't give two flying figs about anyone else on the show. They're all FF material for me. Even if Chace Crawford is awfully pretty.

So, Chuck and Blair )

And now for the awesomeness that is How I Met Your Mother )
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Quick thoughts on How I Met Your Mother behind the cut ...

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Well, I intended them to be quick ...
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My head was swirling last night with thoughts on last night's episode, so adding a bit more here.

I know, I know, I'm totally obsessed, LOL!

spoilers for last night to a degree, with a mention at an upcoming spoiler. )
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I posted long, rambling thoughts about tonight's How I Met Your Mother in the Barney/Robin lj community, I figured I'd post it here as well.

Cuz this baby is looooooooooooooooong. )
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Right before the promo for next week's episode of Moonlight, there was a promo for the next episode of How I Met Your Mother. Alas, I can't snag it to put up, but here is a full description.

Obviously spoilers for the next episode. )

ETA: Here's the promo up on youtube that someone kindly put up. It's not the best quality, but you can at least see it and that's awesome.
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They're finally up on youtube!!! But I also clipped them myself (better quality than youtube). Here are the links to the youtube links and my uploaded clips.

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I'm not really sure what I can put here that won't give away my feelings about tonight's episode, so just go behind the cut.

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Okay, maybe not that worthy, but still pretty dang legen - wait for it - dary.

The awesome behind the cut. )

Oh, and TedMosebyisajerk.
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[ profile] just_3_apples posted this AWESOME picspam of Barney and Robin. It is the awesome. For any HIMYM and/or Robin/Barney fans on my flist, check it out and bask in the awesomeness.

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Just got done watching How I Met Your Mother and while there was one aspect that I did not like, overall it was so, so good.

Spoilers behind the cut. )

And The Class )


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