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Monday night TV, but for 24 and Castle. I'll probably do a second post for those two that includes the as yet unwatched Dollhouse and The Amazing Race. I'm planning on writing posts on the season (yes, damnit! season) finales of Life and Terminator (both BEYOND AWESOME!) later this week. But for now ...

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Well, tonight was an interesting one. Two couples rose highly in my estimation, while the rest pretty much stayed as is. Listing these in order of not just technique, but on the level of enjoyment I got out of the dance.

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This is a combo post about the first and second week of DwtS, I'm just concentrating on certain couples and skimming over the rest that bore me (or don't annoy me for whatever reason) ....

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Yes, you read that right!!! Despite contrary reports, Julianne *will* be in the upcoming Dancing with the Stars -- likely, she changed her mind because her partner is actually her real-life boyfriend. But even more awesome, Chelsie Hightower -- THE Chelsie whom I adored on last season of So You Think You Can Dance -- has joined the cast as a professional dancer. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy. Part of my problem with DwTS the last few years has been because of my Julianne bias, I really haven't been able to open myself up to other pairings, but with Chelsie, I now have two pros I adore. Yay, yay, yay!!!

ETA: HOLY SHIT!! I didn't even realize that the other new dancer is Dimitry (also from SYTCD) and he's ultra-hot-stuff!!! Damn!! Now, they just need to get Natalie, Mark and Neil on there and I'll watch DWTS for the pros period!

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I decided to do a SYTYCD write-up after all. (Hint, hint, I loved Mark and Chelsie. Of course.) Behind the cut ...

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I promised [ profile] harper47 that I would make some Mark icons last weekend and I TOTALLY forgot. (She did get a kick-ass icon now with animation which I don't do, so she's good.) Still, better late than never. Anyhoo, a few Mark icons, and some Chelsie/Mark ones -- including the new one for this post. If you take them, just let me know and credit. Thanks. :) (Only 7 so I'm not worried about a cut.)

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So You Think You Can Dance

Chelsie is insane. I want her to win. Period.

I love Gev.

Project Runway

contestant ) is genius and goooooooooooood.

See? I can do quick.
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I know, if I'm not writing about Doctor Who, I'm writing about SYTYCD. My lj must be very boring for those not into either right now. Sorry.

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OMG!! It's not a Doctor Who post!!!! What is the world coming to!?!??! Ahem.

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I got home uber-late last night. I was visiting my dad in the hospital (he had a mild -- very mild, thank God!) heart attack the other night, so late night getting home so I wasn't able to just sit and watch/critique/post like usual. (Daddy is doing fine, by the way. He got out this morning.)

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OMG! It's not a Doctor Who post!!!!

Ahem, so watching SYTYCD and decided to throw my thoughts down while watching.

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Well, one my two faves (I realized they were my two faves as I kept hoping for them throughout the night the most) made it! Yay!!! (Boo, HUGE BOO!, to the other one not making it.) I will say I was really annoyed by how this night went because I wanted to know who the heck the dancers were. At least in the final groups, they should have said all of their names. So, so annoying. I was so frustrated with how they didn't acknowledge so many, and then spent so much time on those who were ultimately cut. Sigh.

Thoughts on my faves who went and the top 20 behind the cut. )


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