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Browsing through a favorite website of mine and came across this picture and am shocked, seriously shocked, that this one isn't being posted everywhere.

The squee just writes itself!!!

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Dollhouse got renewed. I'm happy about that, but also very, very sad because the news was that Fox was leaning towards renewing either DH or Terminator. Obviously, I would have much preferred T:SCC even though I do love DH. I adore T:SCC. In my opinion, it's the best show on television right now and, oh, it's just so sad because it's brilliant tv. Ah well. But yay for Dollhouse and more Enver Gjokaj.

ETA:!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Castle and Better Off Ted were renewed. Yay, yay, yay, yayyers!!!!!!!!!! These are two of my new favorite shows. So very happy about that. Also thrilled about Lie To Me being renewed. It still has problems and kinks that need to be worked out, but I really do love it and Tim Roth is just, ooh, marvelous.

That leaves T:SCC (still a long shot, but not canceled ... yet, sigh). And, hmm, so they DID renew Scrubs. I do love this show, but it had SUCH a fantastic finale, I don't know. I'll still watch it, but I kinda wish they hadn't renewed it. The entire season was a wrap-up to a series finale, so it feels kinda weird. Hmm.

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Oh, yeah, and there was this 'Doctor Who' news ... )

Non-fandom-specific related. I DO NOT understand why people do not realize that any reaction/comment about spoilers/an episode BEFORE the cut is a spoiler. I've been casually spoiled about two significant things twice in the last week because based on the comment (and reading that poster's journal regularly), I knew exactly what happened. Plus, huge, emotional responses -- even without specifics -- SPOIL viewers who haven't seen stuff yet. It's just ... sigh, frustrating. If you're going to talk about a show, your strong emotional reaction, or confirm a supposition you've made countless times actually playing out BEFORE THE CUT? You're spoiling.
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Pre-cut I will say one thing. So, they are listing the specials as extensions of series four because this one is 4.18. Glad to know. Now, the spoiler ...

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I call it the finale because as far as I'm concerned it IS the finale forever and ever of Doctor Who for me -- well, at least until Moffat is gone!

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I left work way early and am home today (which sucks because I really didn't want to miss work at all, but my brain is mush and I need my brain to NOT be mush to learn my job, so ... yeah home -- feverish, achy, fun). In order to not sleep non-stop (which I want to do), I did watch Monday night TV and I have some new friends via the [ profile] going_my_way friending meme, so an intro ...

Me. I live in Georgia with 3 cats, my family leaves 15 minutes away and that's lovely. I just got a new job as a 9-1-1 dispatcher/call-taker and the training process is VERY LONG! I've been training for a month-and-a-half now and I still have a long way to go. Man, do those officers speak quickly, and all of the codes and signals. It's totally another language (thus the whole, needing my brain to work, and not be mush).

Fandom-wise, my main fandom right now is probably The Big Bang Theory featuring [ profile] sheldon_penny (wonderful little fandom growing in leaps and bounds). Second is Doctor Who, second because while I do love the show, my main thrust is Doctor/Rose and Rose is, erm, gone. Plus, I despise Steven Moffat as a writer/producer, so once RTD's specials are over with, I'm, alas, done with Who. It's not Matt Smith, really. It's Moffat, plain and simple. Ah well. On the subject of Who, I know it's slow-going, but I'm doing extensive rewatch-reviews of almost all of the Rose-related episodes, plus my favorite episodes period. Where I'm at with those ... ) Oh, and check out header -- I adore Billie Piper, she's my current favorite actress. My favorite actor is Jason Dohring known best from Veronica Mars and Moonlight. He has a possible new show next fall -- Body Politic -- go Jason!!!

I rarely write about real life in my lj, it's mostly fandom-thoughts, movie and (MOSTLY) television reviews/thoughts. Welcome! :D

Now, mostly brief Monday night TV thoughts ...

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I just had what I hope is a completely cracked out theory that has no chance of actually happening about the last Who special based on the latest spoiler, but ties into bunches of other rumors about what's to come ...

Hee! Point and laugh at the crack!! )
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1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

I stupidly volunteered to do this in [ profile] isiscaughey's journal and she was truly cruel giving me Mal, Logan and Rose. COME ON!!!!!!! Sigh. Okay, here goes ...

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New DW rumor, I'm really not even entertaining the reality of it at all.

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Of course, this could be completely bogus, but if true ... wow, just no words about what Moffat is likely to do. Man, no words.

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an RTD-extremist, but what can I say? It's how I feel.

[ profile] principia_coh posted some growing Doctor Who speculation in her lj, and since I think I totally differ in opinion from everyone else who posted on the subject, I thought I'd discuss it more in length here.

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Anyhoo, all speculation at this point, so who knows.
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So, I've been getting all of the Rose and Donna DW books (sorry, I just am not a big enough fan of Martha), and I'm quite confused about something. Rose was the companion for two series (with appearances in a third) and is featured in TWELVE books. Okay, cool. Martha was the companion for one series (with appearances in a second) and is featured in TWELVE books. Donna was the companion for one series (with appearance in a special) and is featured in FOUR books.

I do not understand this. Why is Martha -- the companion in only one series -- in the same amount of books as Rose -- the companion in TWO series. Furthermore, why is Martha in THREE times the number of books that Donna -- also the companion in only one series? I don't get it. I thought at first that maybe the popularity grew so much that by the time Martha came around, they realized there was a bigger market and so more books and that more Donna books would be coming. However, books are started to coming out (or will this year) of the Doctor alone, post-Donna. So I don't get it.

And on not getting it, why can't there continue to be Rose/Nine and Ten/Rose and, yeah, Ten/Martha, Ten/Donna books just because the actors are gone? They can still fill in adventures with them that wouldn't contradict what's on the show.

Anyhoo, just wondering.

ETA: Well, after reading responses I imagine it probably has to do with image licensing. Both Billie and Catherine Tate would know how to milk that stuff in a contract and Freema wouldn't. Ah well. Sucks, that means it's likely we won't ever see anymore Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Donna/Ten or any TenII/Rose period, books. Sigh.
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As I've stated elsewhere, once I finished season two of New Who, I was going to rewatch and review what I call my "Her Name was Rose" collection (click here for the full list of episodes). I know it's been over two months since I did the rewatch-review for Bad Wolf, but with real life happenings and, more especially, the knowledge that after this there was no more Nine, no more Christopher Eccleston, I've been delaying doing this one.

Oh heck, it has nothing to do with real life, I just didn't want to say goodbye to Nine yet. *Sigh* I do adore the Ninth Doctor so. I've been a fan of Eccleston for years, but this show, his performance as the Doctor made me absolutely love him. *Double sigh* But here we are, at last ... 'The Parting of the Ways' ... Specific spoilers for series one, as well as 'Doomsday' and 'Journey's End.' )
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I've commented on how great I do think that Doctor Who's "Human Nature/Family of Blood" is, but yet, I can't love it because I don't like Joan, and I put that all down to the actress playing her. She's just too cold and aloof and I just don't like her. Anyhoo, it struck me the other day that if Sarah Parrish had been playing Joan, it would have been perfect. She has the looks, attitude, talent and chemistry with David already to have made the character work magnificently for me.
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Just pondering a few ifs/ors and thought I'd pose them to my flist. Feel free to expound upon your answers; I sure did.

[Poll #1337483]

The reasons for my answers ... behind the cut )
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Seriously, there's talk about Secret Diary of course, but the why and what of her producer role is more explained; she talks about her work out, the difference with Winston in her life. She talks about Who a bit -- including a line that dashed most of my hopes for her showing up at least once more on the specials. She also made it clear that acting is definitely still a part of her life. Phew! Anyhoo, it's a good, long in-depth read, so dive in.

... if you've got to bare your ass on TV, you don't want it to look bad. )

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[ profile] rynne put up a whole bunch of D/R quotes -- go there now! -- but, oh Julie Gardner, I love you so! This part of these were my two favorites simply because the first highlighted (a) my long-held belief that yes, damnit! Rose LOVED Nine and (b) it's got a little Eccleston plug, and the second one because ... yes, LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!

JG, on Rose in "The Christmas Invasion"
Rose, of course, was suspicious, because she absolutely adored, loved Christopher Eccleston's Doctor. [cut to scene of Rose crying in Jackie's arms in TCI.] So, she had to fall in love with him again ...
JG, re: "The Stolen Earth":
But Russell T Davies is just a bad man. We've waited for so many seasons for Rose to finally find the Doctor--it's that amazing smile, I think, that Billie has, a big close up when she first sees him that kind of says everything.

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Title: My Doctor
Author: arabian (JenniferH)
Summary: What happened after the TARDIS disappeared on that beach in Norway?
Rating: PG
Word Length: 1,803
Characters: Rose, TenII …
Spoilers: Specifically: Rose, The End of the World, Tooth & Claw, The Impossible Planet, Journey’s End
Disclaimer: I don’t own them; BBC, Rusty, you know, the usual gang
Archive: Anywhere, but do let me know, please
Notes: Eek! My first Doctor Who fic. Thanks so much to [ profile] avoria and [ profile] bubbles234 … my awesome betas. Any mistakes are mine.

Anyway, as a full Time Lord, I never really felt an overwhelming desire to have sexual intercourse, not that I didn't think of doing so with you, because I did. )
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[ profile] jedi_of_urth posted asking for questions about any fandom, and I came up with this one for New Who. I liked it so much that I wanted to put it here to get more responses. So ...
If you could pair one plot of any episode with a different writer from the show, what/who would it be? Anbd why? And how would it be different?


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