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I just had what I hope is a completely cracked out theory that has no chance of actually happening about the last Who special based on the latest spoiler, but ties into bunches of other rumors about what's to come ...

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New DW rumor, I'm really not even entertaining the reality of it at all.

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The first one I did a week or so ago, but was meh on it so I didn't put it up, but I figured, eh, why not. So Rose, Doctor, Donna ...

And then the one I just made today, it features an extra Rose and Doctor! SQUEE! Because I wanted all of my favorites. Here's a smaller version of it, just click on the image to see the 1024x768 version.

x-posted at Time 'n Chips and Companions of Forever.
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For the most part. Just reading comments here and there over the last couple of months and finding myself thinking but I DO like that or I DON'T like that, and after writing up this quite, quite unpopular opinion re: Donna post, I was inspired to compile a list and am just now putting it up. Now, I know one is extremely unpopular, and one I found out after I wrote the list, edges more towards popular and my goodness, can I ramble? Anyhoo, the list in no particular order ...behind the cut )

So share your thoughts, your own opinions that might be a tad outside the norm. Will be fun to read. :D (I know some of my other Who icons are much more appropriate, but new Billie icon! Squee!! I had to use it.)
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I. am. an. idiot. I spent all weekend setting up the community, pimped it on various Who communities, and didn't even think to pimp it here. Again. I. am. an. idiot. Sigh.

Anyhoo, here goes -- so we did it. [ profile] the_spin and I set up a community for Doctor Who's Doctor/Rose and Donna called The Companions of Forever."

It's dedicated to any and all things -- fic, fanvids, fanmixes, graphics, discussion, meta, etc. -- related to the Doctor/Rose and Donna. The only thing NOT allowed at the comm is romantic or sexual stuffies between Donna and the Doctor, Rose and Donna or The Doctor, Donna and Rose. So, anyhoo, if anyone is interested, check it out. We're still growing! :)
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and it needs to be dedicated to Doctor/Rose and Donna (not like that!) fics. Yup. Stories, some short, some long and meandering and epic, all about the Doctor traveling the TARDIS with Rose and Donna, his two soulmates, lover and friend, as his companions.

Yup. This community needs to happen.
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I'm putting any and all thoughts behind the cut even though it's been a week, because it was a week ago on BBC one, but it will be a bit of time before it airs on the Sci-Fi network. (How anyone can wait that long is beyond me, but there ya go ...)

Donna in 'Journey's End' (spoilers obviously) ... )
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Being completely honest, I'm really confused and surprised by the amount of anger I'm reading over two aspects of the Doctor Who finale.

Spoilers for 4x13 behind the cut. )
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Okay, so I don't know how coherent this will be, but I'll try. Sadly, I did not like this one as much as I did the last three. It was really good, and it was certainly better than the conclusion of season three, but it was no "The Parting of the Ways" or "Doomsday," and just not the strongest finish to the one-two punch of "Turn Left" and "The Stolen Earth." Anyhoo, on with the rambling. Lots and lots of rambling. )

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So yeah, baby, Doctor Who finally aired. Phew!! The wait was torture. I so should not be this invested and care this much, but I do. Oh I do. Ahem, so behind the cut I ramble away. )
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As I've stated elsewhere, once I finished series two of New Who, I was going to rewatch and review what I call my "Her Name was Rose" collection (click here for the full list of episodes). Right then, so I finished "Doomsday" last night, and rewatched "Rose" tonight ... so here are my thoughts on it. I may do this for all of the episodes, or just specific ones. It depends on my mood.

Anyhoo, read on, behind the cut (includes discussion of the why of S3/4 traveling companions). )

For quick reference: Handporn! time!! )
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Wow. Man, that was so, so, so, soooooooooooooo freaking good! God, I love this fucking show so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, I was bummed about Russell T. Davies leaving before "Midnight," but after that EXCELLENT episode, and now this ... I'm just dying inside at the thought of his departure (especially when taking into account Moffat's last two-parter). But, again, like I said last week, at least he's going out with a bang!!!!!!!!

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Doctor Who thoughts, wonderful, awesome, my favoritest show on TV right now, Doctor Who thoughts. Literally, I was skipping with glee today knowing a new episode was on its way. Woohoo!! (Oh, and ignore my last post about wondering about the airdates of the next episodes, they're airing one after the other like normal. The guide I go to just didn't have them up for some reason. Phew!)

Somewhat lengthy thoughts on tonight's episode: 'Midnight' including preview for next week's ep thoughts. )
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Wow, my first write-up of a Doctor Who episode just after it aired. Cool.

spoilers behind the cut )

ETA: Man, now I wish I had read [ profile] the_spin's journal on it first because she made it all work for me. I LOVE YOU!!! I'll still keep my original thoughts up, but add a bit more thanks to her post -- note, it's a friends-locked post, so if you're not on her flist, you can't read it. But I have a brief sum-up above.
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I promised a long Doctor Who post and BOY! did I deliver. This baby was originally one post, then I split it into four posts, then I decided to go back and put it in one post. I'm done now, no more re-arranging. So it's just all together in one looooooooong, fell swoop. Phew!

Now, then, I want to start out by saying that I've never watched any other Who than the 2005 version originally starring Christopher Eccleston (sniff, sniff) as the Doctor, followed by David Tennant taking over the role in the following three seasons. I can not, and won't even try to, compare these versions of the Doctor, the companions, the stories, production values, etc. to any other because I haven't seen them and probably won't ever. So these comments are based solely on the current Doctor Who. Period.

Oh, and to be safe ... spoilers for all four seasons up to 4x07 (but the reference to 4x07 is only in the random comments section). If you've watched seasons 1-3 and at least a few episodes of season four, you're fine (again, with the exception of the random comments at the end).

Alrighty then, I'm going to start with the Doctors ... )

The Companions ... Rose )

... Martha )

... Donna )

The Doctor/Rose Relationship )

Finales, Glorious Finales )

Random DW thoughts (spoilers mentioned up to 4x07)... )

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