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Quick TV thoughts, no really, they ARE quick! (Go me!) ...

Law & Order (No spoilers) - FABULOUS season-opener. Really, just kick-ass. I love this show so much. So, so, so much. And while I miss Jesse L. Martin, I've always loved Anthony Anderson and he's doing great. Just great, great season opener. And the last line was AWESOME!!! (I wouldn't be surprised if they did dub two versions of it, though. Still awesome.)

TheAmazing Race (No spoilers) - I enjoy this, of course, simply because it IS The Amazing Race, but other than liking Toni/Dallas, I don't really care about any team, so I don't really care who wins. I just know that I don't want the Frats or Sarah/Terrence to win. And while I do like Toni/Dallas (I know you love 'em, Gerrie), I don't like *like* them. I dunno, it's been the least I'm-involved-in-emotionally TAR ever. Oh well. I still do enjoy it.

Cold Case )

How I Met Your Mother )

Terminator )

Prison Break )

DwtS )

The Mentalist (No spoilers) - Good show; it's not earth-shattering, it's not obsessive; it's not appointment television, it's just good and enjoyable. Same as usual.

Eli Stone )
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Phew! So the week of stressful hell has passed! Thank goodness. I've been catching up on TV and rest the last day, thus my lack of presence. Behind the cut, some real life stuffies, some tv thoughts, and a new Billie wallpaper I just made.

First, real life ... )

Now, tv thoughts ... I haven't watched everything I'm still behind on -- plenty more to go -- but I've made a dent. Woohoo. So quick thoughts on what I've watched:

Gossip Girl )

Dancing with the Stars )

Eli Stone )

Dirty Sexy Money )

Survivor )

Ugly Betty )

30 Rock )

The Office )

Life on Mars )

I also watched Billie Piper's 30 Things To Do Before You're 30. Quick thoughts behind the cut ... )

And now, Billie wallpaper!! )

Lastly, I was planning on doing the rewatch-review of "The Doctor Dances" this weekend, but with so much to catch up on, I just won't be able to give it my full attention, so next week. Next week. (Then no more Moffat!! Woohoo!)
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I can't believe I stayed up despite my exhaustion and building headache in the hopes that the general awesomeness of Eli Stone would make up for her suckiness. FAIL. She was even more annoying and sucktastic than usual. I have never liked her, ever, in any role I've ever seen her in. She sucks, she sucks, she sucks, she sucks. Can't act, can't sing, can't dance. And she has one of THE most annoying speaking voices I've ever heard. GAH! GTFO my show, you untalented individual.

Oh, and go and eat a hamburger while you're at it.
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For some reason I was convinced that Eli Stone was premiering tomorrow night. I have no idea why, I knew the date of the premiere and I knew definitively for two very specific reasons that today was the 14th of October, yet, I didn't realize the premiere was tonight. Duh!

Anyhoo, spoilers ... )

Mentalist )

DwtS results )
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I haven't read any definitive spoilers either way, but I just have this sad feeling that they *are* completely dropping the Maggie/Eli romance on Eli Stone. After all, he saved her fiance in the season finale, so that changes that aspect of history meaning that his vision of the two of them married with the baby (see icon!) might never happen. And that will suck! I DO love the show, but I really love Eli and Maggie. Damnit.

I hope I'm wrong, but I fear that I'm not. I understand nothing happening right away (what with her being engaged and all), I get that Eli will probably date other women and such (the promos with Katie Holmes (::shudder::) make that clear enough), and that Maggie will still have the fiance situation. But, but, but ... I hope we get hints, signs that Maggie and Eli are still the OTP of the show because I ♥ them so. I'll still watch the show if it's as good as it was last season, but a big spark of the joy I feel in it will be gone. Ah well, at least the way last season ended, I can just buy the first season DVD and it's fairly self-contained with the future vision giving me Eli/Maggie OTP.

Still, sigh, I hope I'm wrong, I really, really do.
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I know, I know it's from E!Online, but with the upfronts a week ago, it's certainly believable to which I say YAY!!!!!

The upfronts aren't next until week in New York City, which is where all the official pickups and cancellations are set to be announced, but sources close to ABC have tipped me that while bubble show Eli Stone will get the nod for a season two, another hour-long drama, Women's Murder Club, will not be returning.

Like I said, not official, but that's where these two shows currently stand, according to my sources.

Sad news about WMC to be sure, but hallelujah about Eli Stone, right? I, for one, adore that series and need to know what happens next between Eli (Jonny Lee Miller) and Maggie Dekker (Julie Gonzalo). Post your cheers and laments, respectively, in the comments, tubers!

WOOHOO!! Not official, but then "Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles" isn't either, but all signs point to a second season. Soooooooooooooo, this means my three favorite new shows ("Life," "T:SCC" and "Eli Stone") are all returning. Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!!
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Due to a lot of comments about how much ABC loves the show, the fact that they've gotten solid ratings with only reruns for a lead-in (other than the Sunday airing, which had its best ratings), I'm pretty confident it will be back next season. (Unless it does badly tonight, but I don't think it will.)

Also, I was quite pleased that my comcast DVR had the description of the episode beginning with "the First season finale ..." Sounds good to me.

So thoughts behind the cut (including a quick rundown on the last episode) )
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I was rewatching the end of the last episode and caught something squee-worthy that I had missed the first three times I watched it.

Read more... )
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I love this show. I just love it. Man, that ending ... almost made me tear up (probably would have had my cat not being so frickin' annoying!!!!!!!).

Quick spoiler for tonight's episode behind the cut )

Oh, and Survivor )
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Yeah, it's official: I just flat-out love Eli Stone. I really, really do. I also flat-out love Julie Gonzalo. I KNEW I liked her on VM, but the crappy writing, lack of showing her much until they attached her to Logan's hip pretty much killed that for me.

Anyhoo, thoughts ...behind the cut )

As for Survivor. Well, not much to say ... )
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I swear this feels like Veronica Mars all over again. Sigh.

Spoilers for tonight's 'Eli Stone' behind the cut. )This one, Life and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles continue to make my primetime, non-reality TV viewing a happy place.

And adding to that happiness ... I am catching up on Prison Break because Spoiler behind the cut for next season. )
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So I'm kinda in love with Eli Stone now, and I think I may have a new primetime couple to obsess over. I think. (See icon.)

Spoilers for all eight episodes behind the cut. )

ETA: Gulp, I do still read TWoP, but try to avoid forums run by certain moderators and ::gulp:: Couch Baron runs the ES forum. Sigh. Oy, read the threads on the episodes and I really hope that all thoughts about the show are not like on TWoP, because if so ... I'm REALLY in them in the minority in liking Maggie/Eli and Maggie.
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I only watched this because I found the commercials for it intriguing enough. My thoughts ... behind the cut. )


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