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Not much to say, just MY Grey's is back. THIS is the show I fell in love with. Starting with last week's and then tonight's again ... THIS is my show. This is show I had to watch the night it aired. This is the show I just dang enjoyed. I'm liking all the characters again; I'm liking all the stories. I'm not hating Alex; I'm not hating Meredith; I'm not hating on anyone. I'm just enjoying the show.

GA spoilers for tonight )

Ugly Betty -- one word: Hysterical.

Favorite scene behind the cut and a brief discussion of the ep in whole. )
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Just did a ridiculous marathon of TV, boy. Shark, Prison Break, Bones, Dirty Sexy Money, Ugly Betty, Biggest Loser, Beauty & the Geek, Kid Nation, Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, My Name is Earl and Life.

Quick (and I do mean quick) thoughts on each:

Shark )

Prison Break )

Bones )

Dirty Sexy Money )

Ugly Betty )

Biggest Loser/B&G )

Kid Nation )

Boston Legal )

Grey's Anatomy )

My Name is Earl )

Life )
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Walt Disney Co.'s television network ABC has decided to pursue a spinoff of its popular medical drama "Grey's Anatomy," the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. It will star Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, the sexy neonatal surgeon played by Kate Walsh, the paper said. A two-hour pilot of the show, which could add millions in additional advertising revenue, is likely to air in May, the paper said.

Could be good, could be eh, but honestly the idea of a show built around Addison?! I'm in bliss. And if Alex goes with her? Heaven, I'm in heaven ...
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Take it with a grain of salt (it does, after all, come from Kristin Veitch!), but here goes ...


Isaiah Washington may be on his way out.

I just received word from a highly placed source within the Touchstone/ABC family that ABC and Disney executives are currently considering the option of firing Isaiah Washington from Grey's Anatomy, effective immediately, without having him appear in any kind of farewell episode.

More behind the cut ... )
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Amazingly enough I was able to watch and d/l/watch all of my Thursday night shows tonight. Woohoo!!! (Shark did not air tonight, but all the rest did.) Spoilers behind the cuts.

Ugly Betty )

My Name is Earl )

The Office )

Grey's Anatomy )

Scrubs )

Supernatural )

The O.C. )

So, all in all ... excellente night of television and my favorite of the night gets the icon!
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I just saw a preview for Grey's Anatomy and literally went "OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD!" with flapping hands of joy!!!!

The reason for my bliss behind the cut. )
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Teeny, gleeful, joyful spoiler from tonight's episode behind the cut.

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For the first time in the history of GA, I actually liked EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER. Yes. Including Alex. And Derek. And. GASP!!! Meredith. Allan Heinberg needs to write as MANY GA episodes as is humanly possible, this was his first and it was AWESOME!! Wonderful, fabulous, highlighting all of the best of Grey's with none of the bad, showing the characters foibles without making them look like caricatures. My God! I liked MEREDITH!!!

Details of the episode. )
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Just a quick thought on the whole Addison/Derek relationship/cheating thing.

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I SO need an Addison (Kate Walsh) icon.
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1. Name your four favorite TV shows.
2. Name your favorite character.
3. Name your least favorite character.
4. Name the pair with the best chemistry (not neccessarily a "couple").

I'm tagging ... afrocurl, beatlegirl59, missmarch and sowell., but I'd love to see anyone else's responses.

My answers. )


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