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HUGH JACKMAN is trying to persuade his Oscars dancing partner ANNE HATHAWAY to join him on the CAROUSEL.

The Aussie star has developed a script for the beloved Stephen Sondheim musical and he wants Hathaway to play Julie Jordan opposite his Billy Bigelow. He says, "I've been looking to do a musical film for some time and after things like Moulin Rouge!, Chicago and Hairspray, I think there's a real opportunity there."

And he's clear only Hathaway will do as his leading lady: "I've been filling up her answering machine with messages about Carousel."

Hathaway, who joined Jackman for a song and dance at the Oscars, is about to embark on her own musical journey - she will star in a new theatre and film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz star Judy Garland's life.

(Yeah, and the article got it wrong, it's Rodgers & Hammerstein, not Sondheim.)

I have no idea if the source is reliable or not, I just really, really want this because they have SUCH good chemistry. Yes, it's a really messed-up relationship and such, but I think they could both do so good with it. Sigh, I know, won't happen, but man if it did ...
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There were five (one of them that honestly surprised me) that weren't guessed, so the full list as quoted here

01. Aliens
* 02. White Palace
03. The Crying Game
04. Strange Days
*05. Schindler's List
06. Silence of the Lambs
07. The X-Men
08. Miss Congeniality
09. A Room with a View
10. The Sound of Music
11. Guarding Tess
*12. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
13. Sin City
14. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
15. Field of Dreams
16. Dirty Dancing
* 17. Searching for Bobby Fischer - Seriously, if you have not watched this movie...WATCH IT!!!!!
18. Hancock
* 19. The Slipper and the Rose
20. Gone with the Wind

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I got this from [ profile] isiscaughey and surprisingly had a bit of time before going to work so ....

1. Pick 20 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie (or call one up from your memory).
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions. THAT'S CHEATING!!!

Read more... ) Gone with the Wind
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Sometimes, I seriously do not understand critics and other movie-going public members. Although I'm a Will Smith fan, I held off on watching Hancock until now even though it came out last summer. I did so because I heard nothing good about it from critics, friends, random moviegoers, pretty much everyone, you know. I know there were a handful of good reviews, but overall, I just heard nothing but stink about the film despite the box office. And even most of the good reviews didn't seem to quite get it. A few did which is appreciated. As for me, well, I just finished it and ...

Read more... )
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Seriously. Over at Confessions of a Shop-aholic got a measly 21% fresh in the review-o-meter. But I like the actors, and the bit I've seen in the ads, and one positive review (from the LA Times) said it was romantic, the leads had chemistry and that P.J.Hogan (writer/director of Muriel's Wedding and My Best Friend's Wedding) directed it, and so I told my sister: 'Screw it! Ignore the critics, we're going!' So we went.

And it was DELIGHTFUL! It was hilarious, frothy, fluffy, romantic. Isla Fisher was amazing (she and Amy Adams totally need to play sisters in some movie!), Hugh Dancy was delicious, and all of the supporting players (except Leslie Bibb, who was meh) were OUTSTANDING ... especially John Goodman and Joan Cusack as Rebecca's parents. Plus, for VM-fans, Krysten Ritter (Gia from the second season) was in it substantially and was wonderful. FABULOUS MOVIE!!!!!!
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Got around to watching an Eccleston movie I hadn't seen before. Honestly I wasn't looking forward to it because it co-starred Cameron Diaz -- someone I am NOT a fan of -- but I wanted to watch 'em all, so I did. Surprisingly, I thought it was decent and really, really, REALLY liked one aspect of it.

That aspect and obviously spoilers behind the cut. If you want to see Chris Eccleston naked in some hot scenes you might want to click also. )
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Seriously. Too adorable for words. I absolutely loved it; and it's the first thing I've seen Billie in other than Who and Secret Diary that I want to own* ... and she was barely in it. I actually believe that she had only four lines, maybe five, but I'm really thinking it was only four. Anyhoo, if you have Netflix, haven't watched this, don't mind non-overly-angsty movies and like Orlando Bloom ... WATCH THIS!!

Spoilers for the film behind the cut. )

* Sniff, sniff, and the damn thing's not available in the region1 format anywhere. WAH!!!!
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Still going through the Eccleston, Piper, Tennant and Tate filmography (as listed in this this post) and I got Perfect Parents with Christopher Eccleston from Netflix this weekend. I really had no interest in this beyond Eccleston's appearance, and was honestly expecting it to be kinda lame. I dunno why, I just did. I was wrong. )
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So as a celebration for getting the new job (yay!), my sister took me out to Australia, the new Baz Lurhmann movie starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. As I've adored every Baz Lurhmann film I've ever seen, and Kidman and Jackman are two of my absolute favorite actors (top ten material for years), I was very, very looking forward to it. However, reviews were mixed so I was a little worried. (Spoilers below the cut.)

Not epic, my ass! )

Non-spoiler comments: I ADORED it!

- If you love Baz Lurhmann, go see this movie.
- If you love Nicole Kidman, GO see this movie.
- If you love Hugh Jackman, go see this move.
- If you love epic romances, go see this movie.
- If you like sweeping dramas beautifully written and directed, go see this movie.

But be warned! It's about two and a half-hour long. But so worth it!
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I *was* going to do the rewatch-review of "Bad Wolf" today, but blame David Tennant for the lack as I simply had to watch Einstein and Eddington. I figured I'd share my thoughts on it, as well as some Eccleston and Tate stuff I've watched as I go through my list of Eccleston, Piper, Tennant and Tate filmographies.

Einstein and Eddington )

The Catherine Tate Show (series 1) )

Starter for Ten )

Lewis & Clark and Other Great Adventures )

A Price Above Rubies )

The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising )

Shallow Grave )
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Beautiful, wonderful review of The X-Files movie that totally sealed WHY I loved it and harkened it to the best of the series' two-parter (aside from the MSR). It does spoil aspects of the film, so be wary, but check it out if you've seen the movie or are already spoiled to a degree.
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Massive movie spoilers in the comments now.

I really liked the first X-Files movie, and I loved parts of it ... but this one? Oh, I just loved EVERYTHING about it! It was AWESOME!!! Ignore the stupid critics, it was kick-kick-ass!!! As a Mulder fan, I loved every moment, so in character, so him. As a Sculy fan, I loved every moment, so in character, so her. As a Mulder/Scully shipper, I loved every moment. Spoiler about their relationship. )

As an X-Files fan, I loved it. It was creepy, freaky, out there, funny, serious, dramatic, with the pieces all tying together perfectly like a kick-ass two parter of the series itself. Which is a high compliment because I thought that every kick-ass two-parter was better than most movies. The performances were fabulous, the writing fabulous, the direction (go CHRIS!) fabulous.


A few episode-related spoilers in the movie that delighted the X-phile in me, and few non-plot essential thingies from the film. )

Finally, I'm not putting this behind the cut as a spoiler because I REFUSE to spoil it. Stay past the credits. Period. And don't let anyone tell you not to. It was awesome, wonderful, fabulous, beyond anything I could have imagined and brought a near-shout of glee from me in the theater as I clapped and grinned with unadulterated joy. It was a perfect, lovely gift and it was completely unexpected. And, yes, even with all I just wrote, I honestly can not expect anyone -- who is in no way spoiled -- to figure out what is SO fabulous about it. Just stay past the credits. You will not regret it if you're a fan.

GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! It's awesome. My sister watched the show on and off, and she really, really liked it. Seriously, I want this movie in my hands NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!!
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I just watched Music and Lyrics -- cute film, but my favorite thing about it was the music. So I just went looking and found the soundtrack which actually DOES feature the songs from the music sung by the actors. This is the AWESOME!!! And I've found my next week's listening-to-music.

I'm so ridiculously psyched about this!!! Ooh, listening to "Pop! Goes My Heart" right now!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I totally get the critical love for it. I probably would rewatch the Toy Story's, Cars, Monster Inc., A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo more (Not too big a fan of The Incredibles) for humor value, but in terms of the overall quality? I'd give it to Ratatouille hands down. I thought it was beautiful. Unrealistic, of course, but the core of the story, the message (be true to yourself) was beautifully written, executed and conveyed. I don't mind confessing that I cried at the end.

Beautiful, beautiful work. This is a great film. A truly great film.

Pixar hits ANOTHER one out of the park.
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I'm bummed with my life and trying to get over it so, a list/meme/whatever you want to call it.

Behind the cut unpopular (I believe) opinions on George Clooney, Harry Potter, Amy Winehouse, Veronica Mars, Jim and Pam, and many, many more ... )

I'm not tagging anyone, but feel free to do your own version. 'Twould be fun to read.
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So I watched the first PotC movie in theaters, liked enough to buy it when it came out. Watched the second in the theaters and was one of the few I knew of who liked it as much as the first. However, by the time it came out on DVD, I was a tad low on funds and so couldn't buy it. And by the time that the third movie came out in theaters and went to DVD, I was REALLY low on funds and so didn't even see it.

Flashforward to getting my income tax last week (woohoo!), I treated myself by buying the second and third movie (even though I hadn't seen the third, I figured I'd like it). I was wrong ... I LOVED IT!! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! Yes, it was convoluted, yes, it was long, yes, it stretched incredulity in quite a ridiculous fashion, but ... I guess I should put a spoiler cut ... )
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So I was quite bummed when I read that Nicole Kidman (an actress I like very, very much) had pulled out of The Reader -- a film directed by Stephen Daldry (of The Hours, a wonderfully made, but singularly depressing film ... I honestly believe that there was LITERALLY not one moment of true happiness in the entire film) -- that co-starred Ralph Fiennes. And then, and then, and then ... AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I just read that Kidman has been replaced with Kate Winslet (an actress I freaking adore!!!) and my joy is blissful!!!

Ralph Fiennes and Kate Winslet sharing the screen? Perhaps, maybe, this could finally net them BOTH the Oscars they so richly deserve and make me a happy, happy, joy, joy movie watcher as well.


(Yeah, yeah, I know that's Leo with Kate, but it's the only KW icon I have, and none of Ralph. I must rectify that. Switch some of my VM-related icons out for some other fare.)
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So on the next page of my EW was "My Favorite Scene" with Allison Janney and it's so funny because this was one of mine and my sister's favorite scenes in Hairspray, because of the line, the action and the delivery.

Cut for spoiling a scene in the movie. )

I. love. her.
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Never have I been more happy to be a fan of Allison Janney. I never would have watched the movie were she not in it, and I'm so glad I did (and my sister is too). It was so much fun, so boppy and bouncy and utterly delightful. All of the casting was spot-on and wonderful.

Nikki Blonsky - delightful and a MUCH better singer than the Broadway version.
John Travolta - PERFECT!!!
Michelle Pfeiffer - Divine and in the last scene together with Travolta I whispered to my sister "Grease 1 and Grease 2!!"
Zac Efron - I remember that I did find him charming in High School Musical and he was here as well.
James Marsden - LOVE. HIM!!!!!!!
Brittany Snow - Susan from Guiding Light is all grown-up. And to think? She and Hayden Panetierre played step-siblings on GL once upon a time.
Queen Latifah - I simply bow to her (pun intended)
Allison Janney - Small role, but she sold every second.

The whole cast was wonderful. The movie was just utterly fabulous. If you want some light, fun, funny entertainment that will make you grin from ear to ear and tap your toes (and shimmy your body) ... GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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