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There is a new site up called Hey! Nielsen and it couldn't hurt to talk Jason Dohring up. From the article:
The Nielsen Co. wants to know what you think.

The ratings giant has begun beta testing an online social network to give passionate TV or film fans a forum to express their views -- with the studios and networks listening in.

The service, dubbed Hey! Nielsen, will allow visitors to sound off on music and film in addition to TV. It will tabulate a popular vote of enthusiasts from which it will derive a "Hey! Nielsen Score," designed to be a measure of buzz and audience engagement.
Here's the link for Jason's page (WOOHOO!) - Hey! Nielsen - Jason Dohring.
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Got this from Depudor on A-Dohring Crowd (JD board) and had to bring it over to squee about.

This is from the "Programming Insider" forum:

The rumblings that I'm picking up from my buzziscope suggest that Mr. Dohring as Josef, the morally conflicted vampyre, is absolutely transfixing on screen in the scenes he is featured in.
Seriously!?!! Oh my god. This fills me with such joy. It's so nice to not only read the countless critics who are interested in this show thanks to Jason alone, but to hear that the buzz from those who've seen some of the show are buzzing so splendiferously about Jason.

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jerilee over at added the HQ shots of them. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! Go directly here to see the HQ versions!!!

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DuckyDoesTV (yeah, I know, what?!?!?) posted some promos that include Jason and, let me just say WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!! Alas, they are small, but we all know HQs will show up soo enough! There's a group shot with Jason and one of just him! Sigh. Go to the source to see them all, here are the JD ones. GULP!!

cut for JD-solo-hotness, cuz it's a tad bigger than the cast one. )

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Wow!! Just, WOW! He looks so, so, soooooooooooooo good.

See the HQ image Behind the cut. )

This is from the first episode - 'There's No Such Thing as Vampires" -- Hee!, so I admit I'm still holding my breath for the promo pics because we saw some fabulous episode stills of Jason during Veronica Mars and I want to see some promotional shots done for the show because the VM ones were pretty much crap. I need the fear of crappy promos gone!! LOL! Still, this certainly bodes well for how good he's gonna look on this show because bottom-line, he looks absolutely gorgeous. WOW!!!!

Source: Moonlight Fans (Great site, if you haven't been there, check it out!!)

You can find all the latest Jason news, pics, spoilers for ML at the JD board - A-Dohring Crowd.
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Okay, first of all I must thank freezing-82 who is on my flist (and totally rocks!) for bringing these to my attention and of course I must bow down before the goddess who brought them to HER attention, tinkbell007!

Okay, it's not just Jason, there are some with Ryan Hansen and solo Hansen. (Go to Tinkabell's journal to see them all, I'm just putting the Jason ones here!). It's not a professional photo shoot, but damn, it's the closest thing to one we've yet got (solo and non-VM -- and we all know how great those are! Snerk!). (And Kristen had a Sundance shoot also, so that's cool). Anyhoo -- the pics behind the cut (click on the images for the bigger sizes). But here's a preview!!!


Posed Shoot (Jason & Jason/Ryan) )

Jason & Ryan with Sundance Swag )
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Same setting as the first one, still not all that great execution, and KB still looks like she'd rather be anywhere else. Is it illegal to shoot annoying actresses?


But hey, it's still a promo ... behind the cut. )

Hmm, is it illegal to shoot crappy photographers as well?
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I really do wonder. A new batch of promotional stills were released from Veronica Mars and what do you know? No Logan. So in other words, we have had stills from eight episodes so far and of those eight, we got stills featuring Logan in only two episodes (and unlike everyone else but KB/EC, he's in every episode). And that's not even mentioning the show promotion. One shot from the TV ad (see icon), one promotional shot, one with KB and the cast shot. That's it. KB has a zillion (understandable), Ryan Hansen, Tina Majorino have 4-5. Michael Muhney and Julie Gonzalo have 5-6. Chris Lowell has 6-7. Jason, Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III and Francis Capra all have one. What? Because of their plethora of promo from their stint on UPN? Excuse me while I laugh. The thing is except for Enrico -- and I love him, but they're supposedly trying to sell this show to young adults, therefore the lack of Enrico is understandable if still not annoying -- Jason is the only one in all episodes. Jason is the one in the TV ads. Jason is the romantic hearthrob of the show. So can anyone explain why on God's green earth, there is so very little promotion done with him?!?!??!? This is so, so, so, so, sooooooooooooooo annoying. I swear that if they do another promo shoot for the second arc and we still get so little of him I'm gonna scream.
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Me = sad. I was going through the S3 promos that have been released and realized that centering the promo cast shot it's Piz, Veronica and Keith. I thought it was just me looking for stuff to depress me and then I went to and checked out the images there and sigh, the pics were made into thumbnails and here's the main cast gallery page: main cast gallery.

Yes, yes, it's next TO a Logan/Veronica picture, but still, it's kinda sad at the placement that Piz/Chris Lowell has in the one cast picture released, with it looking like Veronica's the main character (which she is) and then right next to her are the two men in her life. Where's Logan? You can't even see him in the pic when cropped because he's sitting down. Sigh. Yes, he's closer up in the shot, but I'm not talking about promotion for JD, but for Logan/Veronica and it just made me sad.

Spoilers about S3. )
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So those pretty, pretty L/V stills are from ep 4. Here's more behind the cut fFrom (There are also images up from ep3, but no Logan.)

Spoilery, spoilery casting and images! )
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Thanks to

Happy, happy, joy, joy!! So, so, so pretty and YES! YES! YES!!!

Squeee!! Behind the cut!! )


Okay, my last rant, maybe I was wrong. Yeah, just maybe. I think the SQUEE is so still there.
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I was looking through my flist, but couldn't find the post. I'm looking for the latest promo of KB where she's standing by a door, looking out, smiling. Well, and any of her S3 promo stuff that has come out (not stills).

Thanks in advance.
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Silly, I know, but it was fun. I combined and played around with the different KB/JD shots from the two CW promos and put Damone's "Now is the Time" over it to make it a LoVe promo. Heeheehee!

Sendspace link.
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I got this from JulieBnhjunkie on The LoVe Shack --

I just saw a new promo during GG. It had KB, KB and JD together, her in the front laughing, a few shots of JD after that and then Enrico, followed by Percy and Tina. Very cool.

ETA I have that sequence out of order a bit with Enrico after KB I think. I'll have to rewatch. But it was good.
I'm taping my station now (VM is on, woohoo, Plan B!) and I hope it airs, if not, I'm sure someone will have it up soon enough.
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Check it out. Check it out. Interviews with Jason and Ryan at Neptune Site.

  • Jason Dohring -- Logan's Back Four dudes! and uhm, more than a few naughty words, but only one F. I agreed with the overall comment about S1 vs. S2, but not with the episode he chose to highlight as being "Oh my God, man!" Ah well, different strokes for different folks. And of course, I always love what he has to say about Logan and Veronica.

    Ah Jason, I love you even though you're such a big goober!

  • Ryan Hansen -- What A Dick! Aww, I love what he said about KG.

    Ooh, I so gotta make a Logan/Dick icon!
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    Sigh, I am so, so, so tired of Jason getting the shaft when it comes to press. He has yet to do ONE photo shoot independent of VM (which is most likely his agent/manager's fault) and the only VM-related shoot was way back from the Pilot and the two shots from S2 (with only one released as a solo shot) and those have the hideous wardrobe and background. Yes, we saw him in the one CW commercial, but all the ones that feature ep clips, don't showcase him at ALL!

    At the media events we barely see him. I don't know if it's his agent, I don't know if it's the network, but it drives me insane. He sells this show! I'm sorry, but I'm SO SICK of seeing Kristen Bell promoting the show when ... she DOESN'T PROMOTE THE SHOW!!!! At least Jason watches the show, at least Jason likes the show, at least Jason says good things about the show, about Kristen, about the characters, about the relationship that most watching love and shows enthusiasm for it. Kristen? Not.

    I am just so, so, so tired of seeing so little on Jason. He's charming, he's sweet, he's adorable, most who watch him for any amount of time fall for him and yet he does NO PRESS for this show beyond a couple of online interviews which so few people see. No network stuff, very, very few events, no talk shows, no magazine interviews (but for one inexplicable spread with Charisma Carpenter that highlighted her more than him). No doubt, come Emmys we'll only see KB. Come talk show interviews, we'll only see KB, with EC possibly sneaking in. But the hearthrob of the show? The guy who genuinely sells the show? The breakout star of the show? Him? We won't see, just as we have continued to not see him and it's frustrating!

    Frustrating because I love him and I want to see more of him and frustrating because you'd think that after two years, the network would realize that Kristen Bell alone is not working as a draw. If you watch the show, yes, she's wonderful (generally and more S1 than 2), but if you don't, you just see a cute blonde and one in print/interviews who seems incapable of actually selling the show. Plus, she's a girl and this show draws in females! Show the guy! Hell, just stir it up and add the guy to the mix. Romance sells. Pretty people looking pretty and hot together sells. SELL IT! Geez! Put him on the talk shows, he's cute, he's charming, he's enthusiastic, show a hot clip of Logan and Veronica. Sell the charisma of this guy, the likability of him, the chemistry of he and KB. You've got it, use it ... flaunt it for goodness' sake!

    Gah! Look at my icon! Look at that face! Look at that smile! What's not to love?!?!? GAH!!!!
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    JulieBnhjunkie posted this on The LoVe Shack:

    For anyone who can catch the repeat tonight (11 ESt) KV had clips of both of them.

    Read more... )


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