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Dollhouse got renewed. I'm happy about that, but also very, very sad because the news was that Fox was leaning towards renewing either DH or Terminator. Obviously, I would have much preferred T:SCC even though I do love DH. I adore T:SCC. In my opinion, it's the best show on television right now and, oh, it's just so sad because it's brilliant tv. Ah well. But yay for Dollhouse and more Enver Gjokaj.

ETA:!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Castle and Better Off Ted were renewed. Yay, yay, yay, yayyers!!!!!!!!!! These are two of my new favorite shows. So very happy about that. Also thrilled about Lie To Me being renewed. It still has problems and kinks that need to be worked out, but I really do love it and Tim Roth is just, ooh, marvelous.

That leaves T:SCC (still a long shot, but not canceled ... yet, sigh). And, hmm, so they DID renew Scrubs. I do love this show, but it had SUCH a fantastic finale, I don't know. I'll still watch it, but I kinda wish they hadn't renewed it. The entire season was a wrap-up to a series finale, so it feels kinda weird. Hmm.

'The Big Bang Theory' finale )

Survivor )

American Idol )

Oh, yeah, and there was this 'Doctor Who' news ... )

Non-fandom-specific related. I DO NOT understand why people do not realize that any reaction/comment about spoilers/an episode BEFORE the cut is a spoiler. I've been casually spoiled about two significant things twice in the last week because based on the comment (and reading that poster's journal regularly), I knew exactly what happened. Plus, huge, emotional responses -- even without specifics -- SPOIL viewers who haven't seen stuff yet. It's just ... sigh, frustrating. If you're going to talk about a show, your strong emotional reaction, or confirm a supposition you've made countless times actually playing out BEFORE THE CUT? You're spoiling.
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I know this is two weeks behind roughly when it started again, and almost a week since the specific episode I want to talk about aired, but I just watched the last two. So ...

Vague spoilers for S8eps1-3 of 'Scrubs.' )

Detailed spoilers for S8-ep4 )
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I loved. Loved, loved, loved ... totally loved! And I totally called who the female guest star was, woohoo for Broadway knowledge. There was only one song that I didn't think totally worked, but everything else did and I just thought it was excellent and definitely a classic. Great, great job!!!
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Amazingly enough I was able to watch and d/l/watch all of my Thursday night shows tonight. Woohoo!!! (Shark did not air tonight, but all the rest did.) Spoilers behind the cuts.

Ugly Betty )

My Name is Earl )

The Office )

Grey's Anatomy )

Scrubs )

Supernatural )

The O.C. )

So, all in all ... excellente night of television and my favorite of the night gets the icon!
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Got this from wisteria who got it from zorb: Hee!!! It's "Guy Love" an ode to the love that Turk and JD share from the upcoming Scubs musical. It's so bad, but yet, it's so, so good and, seriously, anything that celebrates the oneness of JD/Turk is a-okay in my book!

Guy Love (Zach Braff & Donald Faison)

Watch. Laugh. Cry. Enjoy.
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1. Name your four favorite TV shows.
2. Name your favorite character.
3. Name your least favorite character.
4. Name the pair with the best chemistry (not neccessarily a "couple").

I'm tagging ... afrocurl, beatlegirl59, missmarch and sowell., but I'd love to see anyone else's responses.

My answers. )
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That is all! I'm just filled with joy and anticipation!!! Eeeeee!!! Scrubs is on tonight!!!!
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I've just finished a marathon (over the last couple of weeks) of the last four season of Scrubs and I'm beyond psyched about the show's return! Talk about a show that does NOT disappoint! Hell, they even made a Clay Aiken guest star work and actually created a role that Tara Reid was absolutely perfect for! It's a blooming miracle! I love this show!! January 3rd, I can't wait!!! (And I made a pretty icon just for the occasion!) (Ah, overdose of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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