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[profile] youmiles is so the awesome!!! She posted this over at parsons_fans and it was just THE cutest thing, so I posted it at [community profile] sheldon_penny and here too. I just had to bring it over here.

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So Derek and Mark's band (now called Ballas Hough Band) have a new song, and the video is ADORABLE!!! It's mostly this season's cast of celebs and pros, as well as some other appearances, and honestly, it's just such a delight to watch.

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Sometimes, I seriously do not understand critics and other movie-going public members. Although I'm a Will Smith fan, I held off on watching Hancock until now even though it came out last summer. I did so because I heard nothing good about it from critics, friends, random moviegoers, pretty much everyone, you know. I know there were a handful of good reviews, but overall, I just heard nothing but stink about the film despite the box office. And even most of the good reviews didn't seem to quite get it. A few did which is appreciated. As for me, well, I just finished it and ...

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I know it's gotten some lukewarm reviews, but damn, I absolutely adored Castle! Everything about it was just peachy-keen adorable. Loved, loved, loved it!!!

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It's called "Hold Up My Heart" -- I just purchased it off of I-Tunes (never let it be said that I do not financially support my Idol loves). I really like it; it's spare and simple, sweet with Brooke's signature voice. It's just so Brooke. Won't break any records, but I like it. SQUEE!! She's going to be performing it tonight on Idol supposedly. Can't wait!! :)

ETA: Seriously, I've been listening to this non-stop over and over and I just love it, love it!! It's so sing-a-long-able to.
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Seriously, I saw it and squeed with joy and awww!! It's so adorable. The way he's looking at her!!?!? SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Go here to find the HUGE HQ version of it.
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Yes, you read that right!!! Despite contrary reports, Julianne *will* be in the upcoming Dancing with the Stars -- likely, she changed her mind because her partner is actually her real-life boyfriend. But even more awesome, Chelsie Hightower -- THE Chelsie whom I adored on last season of So You Think You Can Dance -- has joined the cast as a professional dancer. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy. Part of my problem with DwTS the last few years has been because of my Julianne bias, I really haven't been able to open myself up to other pairings, but with Chelsie, I now have two pros I adore. Yay, yay, yay!!!

ETA: HOLY SHIT!! I didn't even realize that the other new dancer is Dimitry (also from SYTCD) and he's ultra-hot-stuff!!! Damn!! Now, they just need to get Natalie, Mark and Neil on there and I'll watch DWTS for the pros period!

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So, I'm totally still adoring The Big Bang Theory and now I have even MORE reason!!!!!
This has been a big week for The Big Bang Theory's nerd herd. First, they score their best ratings ever, and now they're getting to rub elbows with frakkin' Summer Glau!

The Sarah Connor Chronicles siren will play herself in the March 9 episode, the set-up of which already has me ROFWLing: A train trip to San Francisco takes a major detour when Leonard, Sheldon, Wolowitz, and Raj discover that their favorite sci-fi actress in all the land is on board. But the fanboy frenzy quickly gives way to a heated mass debate when they realize one of them will have to approach her -- but who?

It's not too difficult to figure out how this cheeky cross-over came about, provided you know this little detail: The Big Bang Theory and Sarah Connor Chronicles (which returns this Friday) are both produced by Warner Bros.

This is what we in the TV biz refer to as extremely positive synergy.

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I'm babysitting the niece/nephews tonight and my sister hasn't heard/seen the new Kelly song/video, so I thought I'd show her. Well, the kids liked it, so while getting ready for bed I put the video on and just decided that since despite the fact that I've watched it five or six times, I still love it so, I'd post about it.

As the title said ... long, rambling squee over Kelly's new video, 'My Life Would Suck Without You.' )
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So, I never vote in the ONTD year-end best posts poll, because, really, who cares? I certainly don't. But THIS YEAR!??! Kermit Bale was on the list. And I had to vote, I just had to!! And it ... almost won!!! Seriously, beating the Britney, the crazy, the wild, the gory, the gritty, the dirty posts. It came close to winning. The Heath Ledger Dies post (understandably) was number one.

But I'm quite thrilled with the humanity and joy that ONTD showed by having such a fun, squee-worthy, awesome, original, creative, time-extensive post come in at number two. What is Kermit Bale? Well, check it out and glory in its awesomeness.

*** KERMIT BALE!!! ***


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