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Dollhouse got renewed. I'm happy about that, but also very, very sad because the news was that Fox was leaning towards renewing either DH or Terminator. Obviously, I would have much preferred T:SCC even though I do love DH. I adore T:SCC. In my opinion, it's the best show on television right now and, oh, it's just so sad because it's brilliant tv. Ah well. But yay for Dollhouse and more Enver Gjokaj.

ETA:!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Castle and Better Off Ted were renewed. Yay, yay, yay, yayyers!!!!!!!!!! These are two of my new favorite shows. So very happy about that. Also thrilled about Lie To Me being renewed. It still has problems and kinks that need to be worked out, but I really do love it and Tim Roth is just, ooh, marvelous.

That leaves T:SCC (still a long shot, but not canceled ... yet, sigh). And, hmm, so they DID renew Scrubs. I do love this show, but it had SUCH a fantastic finale, I don't know. I'll still watch it, but I kinda wish they hadn't renewed it. The entire season was a wrap-up to a series finale, so it feels kinda weird. Hmm.

'The Big Bang Theory' finale )

Survivor )

American Idol )

Oh, yeah, and there was this 'Doctor Who' news ... )

Non-fandom-specific related. I DO NOT understand why people do not realize that any reaction/comment about spoilers/an episode BEFORE the cut is a spoiler. I've been casually spoiled about two significant things twice in the last week because based on the comment (and reading that poster's journal regularly), I knew exactly what happened. Plus, huge, emotional responses -- even without specifics -- SPOIL viewers who haven't seen stuff yet. It's just ... sigh, frustrating. If you're going to talk about a show, your strong emotional reaction, or confirm a supposition you've made countless times actually playing out BEFORE THE CUT? You're spoiling.
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My favorite left on Survivor is Sierra. A few days ago I read some press and information on her from people who knew her that was less than flattering. And then I felt slightly guilty because, damnit!, I still liked her, but I realized something. Even though, technically, these are real people just being themselves in these reality shows, really they are molded by the editors to tell a story, create characters to love, hate and in-between. So perhaps the real Sierra isn't all that likable, but for me, the 'character' Sierra as edited by Survivor is. It was the same case for Sugar last year, as well as countless other reality tv contestants throughout the years.

Moral of the story: The real person may not be someone that I would admire or even like in real life, but as they are edited, like with any admitted scripted show, I fall for the characters I like. It's as simple as that. Reality be damned.
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The Survivor reunion show isn't done yet, but I gotta go to bed soon, so just a quick few things about the results behind the cut. )

I might have more to add when I watch the rest.
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Another great episode of Survivor; this has turned out to be a fabulous season. I think that because I pretty much have loved Sugar and Bob from episode one, I've enjoyed it all, even the early part that some found boring.

Anyhoo, thoughts on tonight's episode ...behind the cut )
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Seriously, I am LOVING this season so, so, sooooooooooooo much. Yes, I loved the Aitu Four (and Ozzy, always Ozzy), but it was about watching them beat the annoying bigger tribe. I'm just all out loving just about every moment of this season. It is awesome.

Why? )

If this posts twice, sorry. My Firefox is being funky.
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Phew! So the week of stressful hell has passed! Thank goodness. I've been catching up on TV and rest the last day, thus my lack of presence. Behind the cut, some real life stuffies, some tv thoughts, and a new Billie wallpaper I just made.

First, real life ... )

Now, tv thoughts ... I haven't watched everything I'm still behind on -- plenty more to go -- but I've made a dent. Woohoo. So quick thoughts on what I've watched:

Gossip Girl )

Dancing with the Stars )

Eli Stone )

Dirty Sexy Money )

Survivor )

Ugly Betty )

30 Rock )

The Office )

Life on Mars )

I also watched Billie Piper's 30 Things To Do Before You're 30. Quick thoughts behind the cut ... )

And now, Billie wallpaper!! )

Lastly, I was planning on doing the rewatch-review of "The Doctor Dances" this weekend, but with so much to catch up on, I just won't be able to give it my full attention, so next week. Next week. (Then no more Moffat!! Woohoo!)
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Thursday night (US) television viewing -- well, at least what I watched. (I'm sorry The Office and Life on Mars, tomorrow I eagerly await the opportunity to watch you.)

In the meantime, 'Survivor' ... )

And 'Ugly Betty' ... )
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Ugly Betty )

Survivor )

Finally, Secret Diary of a Call Girl ... Oh. My. God! I love this so much. It's so very, very good. U.S. of A.? THIS is how you do great subtle, somewhat cheeky, real without inane, dramatic without being fake television.ajhilejw;sie!!! )
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Don't want to spoil anything, so I won't put any reaction before the cut. But I will say "aww," I wish I had watched the reunion show because Ozzy/Amanda are still together. So sweet.

Read more... )
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Don't want to spoil anyone, so thoughts behind the cut ... Read more... )
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I love this show. I just love it. Man, that ending ... almost made me tear up (probably would have had my cat not being so frickin' annoying!!!!!!!).

Quick spoiler for tonight's episode behind the cut )

Oh, and Survivor )
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Yeah, it's official: I just flat-out love Eli Stone. I really, really do. I also flat-out love Julie Gonzalo. I KNEW I liked her on VM, but the crappy writing, lack of showing her much until they attached her to Logan's hip pretty much killed that for me.

Anyhoo, thoughts ...behind the cut )

As for Survivor. Well, not much to say ... )
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I actually wasn't planning on writing anything up, but [ profile] harper47 wrote a short entry on last night's Survivor and I responded with a novel, and thought, aw heck, I guess I did have a lot to say. So here it is.

There be spoilers from last night's ep this way ... )
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Crappy, crappy, crappy night for reality TV for me tonight. Not overall, but in three of the four reality shows I watch, I lost faves. Sniff, sniff.

Spoilers for Survivor, AI, Celebrity Apprentice, Make Me a Supermodel )
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Ahem, otherwise known as Survivor.

Thoughts -- beyond Ozzy-love -- behind the cut. Obviously spoilers for tonight's episode.

Read more... )

ETA: More Ozzy thoughts based on the constant references to his bad social game and, well, stupidity. Read more... )

Man, I so need to make an Ozzy icon.
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So, yay, Survivor's back and, boo!, I still miss Ozzy. Dang, why can't he just come out and participate in every challenge, he can switch teams each week. That would work for me. I can't wait until the next all-stars: Ozzy, Yul, Jonathan, Yau-man -- could it GET any better than that foursome? I don't think so.

Anyhoo, about tonight. I'm just commenting on the players I remember, with so many right now, it ain't many. I will say ... keep on reading  )


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