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Some good, some great, some bad, some WTF?!?! Typical TC episode.

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First Top Chef, obviously I'm still upset about Jeff ... but Read more... )

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Season 7: Of the semi-finalists, I picked 18 of the 24 chosen. Of the top 12, I picked 10 (no Jason Castro or David Hernandez).

Season 6: Not as good, 11 out of the 24, and then 7 of the top 12.

Still, I think I'm doing pretty good and I did note the top three of each year. So, so far this season, I actually have more names than I normally would simply because I do think they clearly are showing more better singers as opposed to the craptastic ones mostly.

The ones I liked and/or think will go far. As always I'm just posting the little notes I posted from first impression. )

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I know I haven't shared my thoughts at all about this season recently so no one really knows how I feel about any of the contestants, so my subject line is not a spoiler, fear not ...

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Behind the cut, it's all behind the cut ...

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Re: AI and Brooke -- I still am getting all of her songs, so if anyone wants any recent live and/or studio version, just give me a heads-up.

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So I'm not seeing many (if any) write-ups on this season on my flist much, whereas I did a lot last year. I think that's a shame because I'm actually really enjoying this one quite a bit. I'm really agreeing with the judges' choices and their reasons for doing so. Tonight's episode another case in point.

Yes, the profanity is ridiculous this season (I counted 24! tonight -- yes, I'm doing a profanity count, LOL!), but most of it is coming during stressful situations.

Anyhoo, about tonight ... behind the cut )
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Ah, reality shows. Just a few (and I mean FEW comments, for reals!)

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EJami/Days - I'm setting up a board for them. I envision a small board with lots of good, meaty discussion, so if there are any (other Marikenobi, hee) Days/EJami fans on my flist. Let me know if you're interested and I'll be sure to post the address. (It should be all set up tomorrow.)


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