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Phew! So the week of stressful hell has passed! Thank goodness. I've been catching up on TV and rest the last day, thus my lack of presence. Behind the cut, some real life stuffies, some tv thoughts, and a new Billie wallpaper I just made.

First, real life ... )

Now, tv thoughts ... I haven't watched everything I'm still behind on -- plenty more to go -- but I've made a dent. Woohoo. So quick thoughts on what I've watched:

Gossip Girl )

Dancing with the Stars )

Eli Stone )

Dirty Sexy Money )

Survivor )

Ugly Betty )

30 Rock )

The Office )

Life on Mars )

I also watched Billie Piper's 30 Things To Do Before You're 30. Quick thoughts behind the cut ... )

And now, Billie wallpaper!! )

Lastly, I was planning on doing the rewatch-review of "The Doctor Dances" this weekend, but with so much to catch up on, I just won't be able to give it my full attention, so next week. Next week. (Then no more Moffat!! Woohoo!)
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Thursday night (US) television viewing -- well, at least what I watched. (I'm sorry The Office and Life on Mars, tomorrow I eagerly await the opportunity to watch you.)

In the meantime, 'Survivor' ... )

And 'Ugly Betty' ... )
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Thursday night viewing ... I already wrote my mammoth Secret Diary of a Call Girl post. Here are a few of the other shows I managed to watch tonight too.

Hell, yeah! 'Ugly Betty' is BACK! )

Skipping past Grey's Anatomy as I no longer watch that and moving onto ...

Life on Mars )

ETA: Oh, yeah, I watched Survivor too. Hmm, I wonder what it says that I forgot to write it up, LOL!? )
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Ugly Betty )

Survivor )

Finally, Secret Diary of a Call Girl ... Oh. My. God! I love this so much. It's so very, very good. U.S. of A.? THIS is how you do great subtle, somewhat cheeky, real without inane, dramatic without being fake television.ajhilejw;sie!!! )
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Not much to say, just MY Grey's is back. THIS is the show I fell in love with. Starting with last week's and then tonight's again ... THIS is my show. This is show I had to watch the night it aired. This is the show I just dang enjoyed. I'm liking all the characters again; I'm liking all the stories. I'm not hating Alex; I'm not hating Meredith; I'm not hating on anyone. I'm just enjoying the show.

GA spoilers for tonight )

Ugly Betty -- one word: Hysterical.

Favorite scene behind the cut and a brief discussion of the ep in whole. )
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Just did a ridiculous marathon of TV, boy. Shark, Prison Break, Bones, Dirty Sexy Money, Ugly Betty, Biggest Loser, Beauty & the Geek, Kid Nation, Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, My Name is Earl and Life.

Quick (and I do mean quick) thoughts on each:

Shark )

Prison Break )

Bones )

Dirty Sexy Money )

Ugly Betty )

Biggest Loser/B&G )

Kid Nation )

Boston Legal )

Grey's Anatomy )

My Name is Earl )

Life )
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I loved her as little girl God on Joan of Arcadia, enjoyed her in her recurring role on Desperate Housewives, loved, loved, loved her as Heather opposite Jason Dohring's Logan on Veronica Mars and now she just gave me a new reason to think she totally rocks. I was watching Ugly Betty and saw her name in the credits, but forgot to look for her as the show played out. Well, I decided to rewatch the ending tonight and it hit me! AHA! Read more... )
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How does this show do this? Seriously. Like, almost always they have THE best casting ever!!! I had never heard of Christopher Gorham before this show, but like many I fell totally in love with his Henry. To the point where I'm half-way through watching the 2nd (final) season of his TV show, Popular. And now ....

Casting/Character spoiler behind the cut. )
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God damn, I LOVE this show sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing I do not like -- except for Walter, and I don't think I'm supposed to like him. What is wrong with me?! Like?! LIKE!?!? It's love, baby, love all the way.

Spoilers from last night. )
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Amazingly enough I was able to watch and d/l/watch all of my Thursday night shows tonight. Woohoo!!! (Shark did not air tonight, but all the rest did.) Spoilers behind the cuts.

Ugly Betty )

My Name is Earl )

The Office )

Grey's Anatomy )

Scrubs )

Supernatural )

The O.C. )

So, all in all ... excellente night of television and my favorite of the night gets the icon!
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Just finished downloading/watching the episode (damn that it comes on opposite Survivor -- which I'm loving this season, go Ozzy! I've loved you from day one! -- and The Office which is just too damn good to not TiFaux. Sigh. Anyhoo, as always LOVE, LOVE this show!!!! Woohoo!!

Show those braces! )
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Why, oh why, does this have to come on Thursday nights at eight?? I have a thing about reality shows in that I feel this need to watch them ASAP thus the non-downloading and I've been a Survivor-watcher from the beginning. Then there's My Name is Earl/The Office and I can't imagine not watching The Office ASAP, which leaves UB as my download, but I'm rapidly getting to the point where I want to kick something else to that slot, but ugh, I can't decide!!!

Anyhoo thoughts on tonight's (OHMYGODISOLOVETHIS)show! )
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No spoilers, I just gotta say I adore Betty and Daniel. The first scene they shared just made me squee and grin and do the girly-hand-waving-thing-of-joy. They're no Logan/Veronica, but I think they may be my new second favorite couple on television ... surpassing Sawyer/Kate and the supremely adorable Jim/Pam ... Read more... )

Yeah, I definitely think so. I never made a K/S or J/P icon.
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So I finally got around to watching Ugly Betty -- what a cute show, definitely a keeper. I do have to wonder though (I've read nothing anywhere on the net about it as I wanted to go into it pretty much blind), am I the only one shipping Betty and Daniel?


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