Jan. 20th, 2009

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So proud. Great speech, great moments, great history in the making. YES. WE. CAN!

And to think it all started for me for real when I heard his speech announcing his candidacy. He never, ever let me down. And I believe he won't.
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To start with, a quick something that I've been meaning to mention. I generally fast-forward through most of the stories before the singers sing. In fact, I rarely listen to all of their conversation with the judges. I pretty much stop fast-forwarding about thirty seconds or so before they sing, listen to them sing, listen to the judges' comments and then fast-forward away again. I despise the fact that some contestants get such early favoritism by their stories being shown, while others in the semi's don't, so I like to judge them based pretty much on their singing, their showmanship and the brief glimpse of personality I see. Obviously, I pick up on the main stories being plugged, but I don't actually watch the heart-tugging stuff. With that said ...

Only an hour, so just a few names. There were some singers they liked that I was meh on and no one I liked even remotely as much as they did, but there was one I liked more than them.

My picks for tonight of who I like and/or think we'll make it ... )

Thoughts on Kara: The new judge. )


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