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So I was thinking about Jim Parsons and how over the course of the last month or so, the reaction to him has turned toward drooling, flailing, capslock-squeeing over his hotness, etc. Even the media has jumped in a bit, with one reporter calling him sexy, and TV Guide issue that interviewed him had this on their cover:

So, anyhoo, it got me to thinking about my recent fandoms and how all of the guys in them (that I find attractive) are not the stereotypical, conventional "hunks" that one usually hears drooled about in the media. The two things they have in common are: amazing talent and jaw-dropping charisma. Apparently for me, and those with who I share the fandom, that's enough to make one drool ... even if the guys aren't the cliched H'wood beauty. (Although, admittedly, some come closer than others).

Check 'em out ... in alphabetical order. )
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I left work way early and am home today (which sucks because I really didn't want to miss work at all, but my brain is mush and I need my brain to NOT be mush to learn my job, so ... yeah home -- feverish, achy, fun). In order to not sleep non-stop (which I want to do), I did watch Monday night TV and I have some new friends via the [ profile] going_my_way friending meme, so an intro ...

Me. I live in Georgia with 3 cats, my family leaves 15 minutes away and that's lovely. I just got a new job as a 9-1-1 dispatcher/call-taker and the training process is VERY LONG! I've been training for a month-and-a-half now and I still have a long way to go. Man, do those officers speak quickly, and all of the codes and signals. It's totally another language (thus the whole, needing my brain to work, and not be mush).

Fandom-wise, my main fandom right now is probably The Big Bang Theory featuring [ profile] sheldon_penny (wonderful little fandom growing in leaps and bounds). Second is Doctor Who, second because while I do love the show, my main thrust is Doctor/Rose and Rose is, erm, gone. Plus, I despise Steven Moffat as a writer/producer, so once RTD's specials are over with, I'm, alas, done with Who. It's not Matt Smith, really. It's Moffat, plain and simple. Ah well. On the subject of Who, I know it's slow-going, but I'm doing extensive rewatch-reviews of almost all of the Rose-related episodes, plus my favorite episodes period. Where I'm at with those ... ) Oh, and check out header -- I adore Billie Piper, she's my current favorite actress. My favorite actor is Jason Dohring known best from Veronica Mars and Moonlight. He has a possible new show next fall -- Body Politic -- go Jason!!!

I rarely write about real life in my lj, it's mostly fandom-thoughts, movie and (MOSTLY) television reviews/thoughts. Welcome! :D

Now, mostly brief Monday night TV thoughts ...

How I Met Your Mother )

Dancing with the Stars )

24 )
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I don't want to get my hopes up again and have them dashed, but FWIW .....

From Moviehole (via Hollywood Reporter) --
Jason Dohring ("Veronica Mars") and Minka Kelly ("Friday Night Lights") will star in the new series about optimistic up-and-coming staffers in Washington. Kelly will play Hope, an all-American girl who leaves her life in Michigan after the death of her mother and heads to D.C., where her long-lost dad, Sen. Webster (Tim Matheson), has just been appointed Attorney General, and takes a job on his staff. Dohring will play a reporter with the Washington Post.

Another bit from MSNBC --
After its success "90210" remake, the CW has a do-over of "Melrose Place" in the works. Other potential new series include "Vampire Diaries" and "Body Politic hoping to tap into," an interest in vampires and the idealism of the Obama administration, and "Light Years," about a teenage girl getting out of foster care and trying to reunite her birthparents.

I can't find the FutonCritic link, but [ profile] hiddeneloisefound info there that stated Scott Winter from Californication is helming the pilot.
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Starz will premiere new comedy “Party Down” on March 20 at 10:30 p.m.

The half-hour series, created by Rob Thomas (“Veronica Mars”), follows a group of struggling actors working as cater-waiters. Starz has ordered 10 episodes of the series, which stars Ken Marino, Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen and Lizzy Caplan. The show will feature guest appearances by Ed Begley Jr., Marilu Henner, Joey Lauren Adams, Breckin Meyer, Rob Corddry, J.K. Simmons and Steven Weber.

“Moonlight” and “Veronica Mars” fans will recognize Jason Dohring on the March 27 episode. Other “Veronica Mars” veterans making guest appearances include Ryan Devlin, Alona Tal and Enrico Colantoni.

Fred Savage will direct five episodes of “Party Down.”
Erm, yay? At least we'll see him. Even if it IS Rob Thomas again. Sigh.

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Oh, the joy of the internet, LOL! So I was tagged by [ profile] lovepollution for this meme ...

1 List 10 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
2 Put them IN ORDER of your lust for them (10 to 1; 1 is the hottest).
3 Supply photos for said people.
4 Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
5 Tag 5 people: [ profile] annie_oakley, [ profile] aroniwen, [ profile] gowdie, [ profile] pie_is_good and [ profile] tinkabell007

My picks/pics beneath the cut ... )
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So, yay, 'Washingtonienne' has been picked up for eight episodes, but hey, it's something. Jason will OFFICIALLY be back on our screens for at least eight weeks. That's something!
HBO makes 'Washingtonienne' official
By Jeff Dufour and Patrick Gavin

Sarah Jessica Parker is producing it. Its stars were here this fall to film it. And now, HBO is making it official. Sources tell Yeas & Nays that the cable network has picked up eight episodes of the series, based on Jessica Cutler's tell-all book of of sex and scandal on Capitol Hill. The show stars Rachael Taylor (the Aussie actress of "Transformers" fame), (who's appeared in "Disturbia" and "Sons & Daughters") and Bitsie Tullochas young D. C.-ites. The actresses joined Parker in November for shooting outside the Treasury Department building, in front of the Old Ebbitt Grill, at The Diner in Adams Morgan and Ben's Chili Bowl, among other locations.HBO's offices are closed for the holidays, and no one there could be reached for comment.
So, yay. It's something.

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Joining in the cavalcade of joy on my flist about the fact that Jason Dohring actually got another job. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I got most of the below info from my flist, especially [ profile] annie_oakley.)

SPJ-produced 'Washingtonienne' on HBO; he plays a character named Spencer. Much more info behind the cut. )

Just SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so, so, so, soooooooooo thrilled. Heck, with my potential new job, I can afford it. I might actually subscribe to HBO just for Jason instead of downloading!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So I found out that I could cap stuff last week. Here are the first results ...

Post with link to the zipped file of caps (258) and a sample of what they look like: Link

Enjoy! :D

PS: Clips are up at A-Dohring Crowd too.
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So watched Moonlight ... my thoughts behind the cut:

Pretty, pretty Jason, how I've missed you so. )

Just heads up for anyone interested, the Jason clips from tonight's episode should be up tomorrow morning at the latest in this thread on my Jason board: A-Dohring Crowd.
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I swear this feels like Veronica Mars all over again. Sigh.

Spoilers for tonight's 'Eli Stone' behind the cut. )This one, Life and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles continue to make my primetime, non-reality TV viewing a happy place.

And adding to that happiness ... I am catching up on Prison Break because Spoiler behind the cut for next season. )
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There is a new site up called Hey! Nielsen and it couldn't hurt to talk Jason Dohring up. From the article:
The Nielsen Co. wants to know what you think.

The ratings giant has begun beta testing an online social network to give passionate TV or film fans a forum to express their views -- with the studios and networks listening in.

The service, dubbed Hey! Nielsen, will allow visitors to sound off on music and film in addition to TV. It will tabulate a popular vote of enthusiasts from which it will derive a "Hey! Nielsen Score," designed to be a measure of buzz and audience engagement.
Here's the link for Jason's page (WOOHOO!) - Hey! Nielsen - Jason Dohring.
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So, you might know that there was the premiere of a show tonight that featured one Jason Dohring. And if you know anything about me, you know that I was glued to my TV watching said tv show for said one Jason Dohring.

Behind the cut my review. )

My final thought: Thank God that Jason Dohring is back on my screen. I LOVE HIM! And woohoo, I finally have a Josef icon!!
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So Dexterette put this up on moonlight_tv. It's a brief spotlight on Moonlight, has some A'OL, SM and JD bits in it, quick interviews, scenes whatnot and then there is this quick snippet.

To download it for your very own, click this link.

And slowed down for optimum viewing pleasure ... )
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Got this from Depudor on A-Dohring Crowd (JD board) and had to bring it over to squee about.

This is from the "Programming Insider" forum:

The rumblings that I'm picking up from my buzziscope suggest that Mr. Dohring as Josef, the morally conflicted vampyre, is absolutely transfixing on screen in the scenes he is featured in.
Seriously!?!! Oh my god. This fills me with such joy. It's so nice to not only read the countless critics who are interested in this show thanks to Jason alone, but to hear that the buzz from those who've seen some of the show are buzzing so splendiferously about Jason.

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
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I really had expected that someone else would have seen and gotten this up before now, but as that hasn't happened, I took drastic measures. So if anyone would like to post this elsewhere, do so, but PLEASE link to A-Dohring Crowd -- here's the link -- because it was a LOT of hard work to convince my sister to convince my brother-in-law to do this for me, LOL! But since he's the bestest bro-in-law ever, he did it. It's just one Jason line, but it's a Jason line and we see him in all of his Armani-clad, vampire-pale, glory!
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Yes, I know I'm promoting TWoP, but it's for Jason, so that's my justification.

Just a heads-up, Jason is nominated in quite a few categories (admittedly three negative categories *, but every positive one he can be, he is nominated in), so when you can vote, if you're a member go and vote. Here is the forum with the thread nominations and here are his categories ... )
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It was only one line, but still JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was wearing the suit from the promo shot and said "I know you have a soft spot for the mortal ones." Hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was Jason, Jason, Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This aired during As the World Turns today, so if you can, you might want to try and tape Guiding Light or whatever shows come on CBS tonight to watch it. I wish I could capture it, but alas, no dice.

JASON, JASON, JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Here's another one using the ML cast promo. This time just save it to c:/program files/winamp/skins and then open your winamp player, right click anywhere and click on skins, you'll get an option for jd_ml-1.

Here's what it looks like behind the cut )


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