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So I found out that I could cap stuff last week. Here are the first results ...

Post with link to the zipped file of caps (258) and a sample of what they look like: Link

Enjoy! :D

PS: Clips are up at A-Dohring Crowd too.
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So watched Moonlight ... my thoughts behind the cut:

Pretty, pretty Jason, how I've missed you so. )

Just heads up for anyone interested, the Jason clips from tonight's episode should be up tomorrow morning at the latest in this thread on my Jason board: A-Dohring Crowd.
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So, you might know that there was the premiere of a show tonight that featured one Jason Dohring. And if you know anything about me, you know that I was glued to my TV watching said tv show for said one Jason Dohring.

Behind the cut my review. )

My final thought: Thank God that Jason Dohring is back on my screen. I LOVE HIM! And woohoo, I finally have a Josef icon!!
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So Dexterette put this up on moonlight_tv. It's a brief spotlight on Moonlight, has some A'OL, SM and JD bits in it, quick interviews, scenes whatnot and then there is this quick snippet.

To download it for your very own, click this link.

And slowed down for optimum viewing pleasure ... )
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I really had expected that someone else would have seen and gotten this up before now, but as that hasn't happened, I took drastic measures. So if anyone would like to post this elsewhere, do so, but PLEASE link to A-Dohring Crowd -- here's the link -- because it was a LOT of hard work to convince my sister to convince my brother-in-law to do this for me, LOL! But since he's the bestest bro-in-law ever, he did it. It's just one Jason line, but it's a Jason line and we see him in all of his Armani-clad, vampire-pale, glory!
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It was only one line, but still JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was wearing the suit from the promo shot and said "I know you have a soft spot for the mortal ones." Hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was Jason, Jason, Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This aired during As the World Turns today, so if you can, you might want to try and tape Guiding Light or whatever shows come on CBS tonight to watch it. I wish I could capture it, but alas, no dice.

JASON, JASON, JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow!! Just, WOW! He looks so, so, soooooooooooooo good.

See the HQ image Behind the cut. )

This is from the first episode - 'There's No Such Thing as Vampires" -- Hee!, so I admit I'm still holding my breath for the promo pics because we saw some fabulous episode stills of Jason during Veronica Mars and I want to see some promotional shots done for the show because the VM ones were pretty much crap. I need the fear of crappy promos gone!! LOL! Still, this certainly bodes well for how good he's gonna look on this show because bottom-line, he looks absolutely gorgeous. WOW!!!!

Source: Moonlight Fans (Great site, if you haven't been there, check it out!!)

You can find all the latest Jason news, pics, spoilers for ML at the JD board - A-Dohring Crowd.
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So yesterday some of us in the former VM-fandom were quite thrilled at the news that Rob Thomas was fired or quit Miss/Guided. I was one of them as I quite enjoy Judy Greer and wanted to watch the show and I was NOT happy with most of RT's choices the last two seasons (and two episodes of s1) of Veronica Mars.

Well, this morning I read from a "source" on the E! Online Forums that David Greenwalt is leaving Moonlight. I was bummed because I liked Greenwalt's work on Buffy and Angel. But that was it. Just bummed because of the reason stated above and because I wanted Moonlight to succeed well enough to get Jason Dohring some much-deserved attention.

And then, my brain just put the two together and OH. GOD. NO!!!!!!!!!!! Please, please, please TV Gods, do NOT tell me that if Greenwalt did leave and that with an EP slot open and RT now without a show, he'll be taking over?!?!? Please don't tell me that I'll have to deal with RT AGAIN!? More importantly, please don't tell me that Jason will have to deal with RT again!?!?!??

Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Talk me down, talk me down!!!!
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1. I was right. Hah! Always number one. I kept saying that perhaps a show would retool and recast from the Pilot (like BtVS with Willow), but I was shot down. And AHA! It happened. Yay for me. (And yeah, Jason, too.)

2. The fact that this is (a) WB productions (b) Silver productions and (c) on CBS with Les Moonves likely means that we were not the only ones impressed with JDoh. The big boys liked him too, so YAY!!!!

3. I was worried that we wouldn't see him anymore because that seems to be the way with all actors I've loved, but the fact that he was cast in this by those big names (throw David Greenwalt, who knows something about star power, in the mix because he had to approve it, I'm sure) means that even if this tanks, I have more faith that he WILL get something else because he has made an impact. Woo-to-the-freaking-hoo!!!!!!!

4. A mischievous vampire!?!?! He's going to be playing a MISCHIEVOUS vampire!?!?!? GAH!!! Kill me now with joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. There are four main cast members it looks like and he's one of 'em. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! One of FOUR main and he was hired to essentially be the young eye candy (not that he's not talented too, of course) which means ...

6. PROMOTION!! They will promote him. And since this is CBS, there will likely be a helluva lot more promotion for him ... probably pre-show will offer more promotion that all three seasons of Veronica Mars combined.

7. Promotion done NOT BY THE CW!!!! Meaning, hopefully no more horrific photos, photo-shopped crap from hell, budgetary concerns to a crazy degree.

8. Finally, Jason's pale, Irish complexion will finally work for the character.

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing the happy dance, doing the happy dance!!!!
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I was rereading stuffies on it and I wonder is he recurring or co-starring?** I really, really hope he's co-starring and not recurring because then we would see him in press, ads, etc. And I SOOOO want to see a show/network actually, fully utilize him and since they did cast him for the young, hot factor they've GOT to play that up in promotion, right? Right!?!?! Gah, just imaginging some REAL, ACTUAL promotion for him is just too glorious to imagine. And also, this "a young, mischievous hedge-fund trade" highlighted word has given me an even greater sense of anticipation than before. JD playing mischievous??!?! How can this NOT be awesome?!?! Sigh.

Also, just a heads-up, I've been working on setting up a JD-board (like The LoVe Shack) and with this news, I definitely have something to roll with, so it should (*should* being the key word) be ready to go this weekend, so once I put up the link, I'd love to see bunches of you there. :D

** ETA: Thanks to the link from hiddeneloise, I think we can breathe a sigh of relief. It sounds like he is one of four main characters. So definitely regular and with only four that does give him more opportunity to show his stuff. YAY!!
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THe fact that Jason Dohring landed a role on an upcoming fall series is making the news and I had to share in the joy.

"Veronica Mars" alum Jason Dohring is reuniting with the show's producers, Warner Bros. TV and Silver Pictures, with a co-starring role on "Moonlight," their new series for CBS. The drama centers on a private investigator (Alex O'Loughlin) who is a vampire. Dohring will play ancient vampire Josef. He replaces 60-year-old Rade Serbedzija, who played the part in the pilot presentation before the character was reconceptualized as a young, mischievous hedge-fund trader. Dohring, who played Veronica Mars' (Kristen Bell) on-and-off boyfriend Logan on the critically praised CW drama, is the second new addition to "Moonlight" cast, along with recently cast Sophia Myles.
I also supremely love the fact that it's a WB/Silver TV productions because it really shows how impressed WB and Joel Silver were with him. YAY!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!


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