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I left work way early and am home today (which sucks because I really didn't want to miss work at all, but my brain is mush and I need my brain to NOT be mush to learn my job, so ... yeah home -- feverish, achy, fun). In order to not sleep non-stop (which I want to do), I did watch Monday night TV and I have some new friends via the [ profile] going_my_way friending meme, so an intro ...

Me. I live in Georgia with 3 cats, my family leaves 15 minutes away and that's lovely. I just got a new job as a 9-1-1 dispatcher/call-taker and the training process is VERY LONG! I've been training for a month-and-a-half now and I still have a long way to go. Man, do those officers speak quickly, and all of the codes and signals. It's totally another language (thus the whole, needing my brain to work, and not be mush).

Fandom-wise, my main fandom right now is probably The Big Bang Theory featuring [ profile] sheldon_penny (wonderful little fandom growing in leaps and bounds). Second is Doctor Who, second because while I do love the show, my main thrust is Doctor/Rose and Rose is, erm, gone. Plus, I despise Steven Moffat as a writer/producer, so once RTD's specials are over with, I'm, alas, done with Who. It's not Matt Smith, really. It's Moffat, plain and simple. Ah well. On the subject of Who, I know it's slow-going, but I'm doing extensive rewatch-reviews of almost all of the Rose-related episodes, plus my favorite episodes period. Where I'm at with those ... ) Oh, and check out header -- I adore Billie Piper, she's my current favorite actress. My favorite actor is Jason Dohring known best from Veronica Mars and Moonlight. He has a possible new show next fall -- Body Politic -- go Jason!!!

I rarely write about real life in my lj, it's mostly fandom-thoughts, movie and (MOSTLY) television reviews/thoughts. Welcome! :D

Now, mostly brief Monday night TV thoughts ...

How I Met Your Mother )

Dancing with the Stars )

24 )
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I was tagged by a few people, but I don't remember who, sorry.

So, Another meme. )
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This one is from [ profile] isiscaughey and [ profile] avoria:

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, write an entry with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged.

16 Random Things about me )

I tag: [ profile] 00mina, [ profile] 16s16, [ profile] acciochocolate, [ profile] bastetseye, [ profile] hotarus_sister, [ profile] irishlullaby, [ profile] madeelly, [ profile] marcasite, [ profile] mastermia, [ profile] miss_prufrock, [ profile] missmarch, [ profile] pumpkinsoup, [ profile] rachelbeann, [ profile] roryappletarts, [ profile] tsukihysteria, [ profile] unfolded73
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I was trying to get my 2-year old niece to tell me that she loved me. Succeeded, and then we moved on to further confirmation about all family members because she says "yeah" very cutely. So I repeat all immediate family member names and she says "yeah" (cutely). Then she says "who else?" So I start throwing random family names out. Finally I say my brother's name -- the uncle she's never met and I realize she just wants to acknowledge her love for any name I throw at her.

So I ask "Do you love Billie Piper?" She says, "yeah." I ask "Do you love Nine and Rose?" Her response: "Yeah." "Do you love Ten and Rose?" Predictably, "yeah." Then I ask: "Who do you love more: Nine and Rose or Ten and Rose?" And she says without missing a beat, "Ten and Rose." I laughed and said, "Ah, so you're a Tennant girl?" And she says, "I Tennant girl," clear as day.

Sorry, Chris.
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Heh, this looked like fun. Snagged from [ profile] i_palimpsest.

1. Started your own blog
2. Slept under the stars
3. Played in a band
4. Visited Hawaii
5. Watched a meteor shower
6. Given more than you can afford to charity
7. Been to Disneyland
8. Climbed a mountain
9. Held a praying mantis
10. Sang a solo

The other 90 behind the cut. )
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Well, I gave my two weeks notice today to my current employers and if all goes according to plan, I should start my new job as an emergency communications dispatcher on December 1. If there's a delay due to some higher-up dude being out of town, I'll start on December 15, but it's looking like the first.

My current bosses were really cool about it and so I'm finally allowing myself to get truly excited. This is going to change my life all-around in fabulous ways. YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!

ETA: Thanks to all! {{HUGS TO MY FLIST!!}}
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Yes, I'm a posting fiend today. I know. Still, this is weird. My alarm clock is possessed. No, seriously, it's possessed. I'm just sitting here at my computer minding my business and twice now, the alarm clock has made this weird, whirring, buzzing noise that grows in volume and then stops. It's not on, it's not set to go off until tomorrow morning, but yet, it's making noises ... and not even its normal alarm noises. It's possessed.
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Phew! So the week of stressful hell has passed! Thank goodness. I've been catching up on TV and rest the last day, thus my lack of presence. Behind the cut, some real life stuffies, some tv thoughts, and a new Billie wallpaper I just made.

First, real life ... )

Now, tv thoughts ... I haven't watched everything I'm still behind on -- plenty more to go -- but I've made a dent. Woohoo. So quick thoughts on what I've watched:

Gossip Girl )

Dancing with the Stars )

Eli Stone )

Dirty Sexy Money )

Survivor )

Ugly Betty )

30 Rock )

The Office )

Life on Mars )

I also watched Billie Piper's 30 Things To Do Before You're 30. Quick thoughts behind the cut ... )

And now, Billie wallpaper!! )

Lastly, I was planning on doing the rewatch-review of "The Doctor Dances" this weekend, but with so much to catch up on, I just won't be able to give it my full attention, so next week. Next week. (Then no more Moffat!! Woohoo!)
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HIMYM is just getting better and better. A few specifics for this episode ... behind the cut )

Terminator gets some thoughts too ... )

Not getting to Prison Break tonight, and I still have Brothers & Sisters from last night, The Eleventh Hour from the night before, the last two episodes of Boston Legal AND I didn't get to the rewatch-review of "The Doctor Dances" (Doctor Who). Not to mention the three -- count 'em, THREE -- episodes of Dexter, Four -- count 'em, FOUR! -- episodes of Gossip Girl (okay, I'm going to zip through those as I actually won't watch every scene, but still ...) sitting on my computer. (Heck, I'm three episodes behind on Merlin and I'm almost thinking I should just give that one up. Sigh.)

The baptism ceremony of my two nephews and niece (my sister joined a new church, Episcopalian, they really like it, so thus the baptism ceremony) really ate so much of my weekend time up. It was worth it, though, I loved all of the family time, but man, is my tv-watching schedule hurting from it. Sigh.
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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! {{Hugs}} And the lovely "balloons" from [ profile] fey_spirit. My sister and I went to see Mamma Mia and we had an absolute blast. Great movie, great songs, great fun!!

In other sorta-real-life news ... I'm going to Dragon*Con at the end of the month here in Atlanta and I was wondering who on my flist was going as well? I'd love to meet up with friends and fellow fans ... so somebody, anybody? (Mia!?!?)
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I got home uber-late last night. I was visiting my dad in the hospital (he had a mild -- very mild, thank God!) heart attack the other night, so late night getting home so I wasn't able to just sit and watch/critique/post like usual. (Daddy is doing fine, by the way. He got out this morning.)

So thoughts on the show behind the cut )
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Hello all, we made it safe and we actually made really good time. Woohoo!!! Of course, I had a migraine last night and couldn't full enjoy it, but hey, still we're here, alive and the car has a minor oil leak of some kind which meant that it BEEPED THE WHOLE TIME! But we're here and safe. Woohoo!
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My, my best friend, three cats and a car packed full of most of my worldly possessions (the rest already made their way via boxes). The car is very, very nice -- VERY nice -- however, it's got plenty lot of miles on it, but the miles were put on during long-distance trips which has a lot less wear and tear on it than does city-driving.

Wish me luck. I should be in Georgia by 8 pm tonight. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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No, not a joke. I was driving down main street and I heard a loud crank, then my steering wheel starting spinning without stopping. I called the police, who called a tow guy. We got the car to a place and I was able to get a hold of a guy who fixes car and the determination was that the engine cradle bolts rusted through and bottom-line, the car can't be fixed.

Did I mention that I'm driving to Georgia from Ohio on Monday?

The good news is that the guy who has the body shop has a car he can sell me for $1,200 that will work and I can buy it from him tomorrow. Of course, this means, I'm out $1,200 of my savings for when I get to Georgia and as I don't have a job yet, this is very scary, as that doesn't leave me as much of a cushion as I desperately hoped to have. Donations welcome! Sigh, the other good news is that Tom (tow guy) knew someone -- who just happened to be in my town and at the Waffle House across from where I live -- who buys junk cars. My car was towed to my house, said guy came over and although he's hasn't been paying more than a hundred lately because scraps aren't going for much now, he either fell for my charm (hah!) or my story and gave me $150.00. That's something.

Sigh. I'm trying not to freak out. Really trying. But I'm freaked. Seriously freaked. I can not believe this happened and I'm scared shitless about my money situation come Georgia if I don't get a job ASAP.
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I hope everyone on my flist has a wonderful and safe New Year's. Me, I'm working, but that's cool, cuz I wouldn't do anything anyway, heh. The few times I've tried, well, it hasn't been a disaster, but it hasn't been fun, LOL!

My resolutions:

1. Save money.
2. Do more writing -- fanfic (cuz it's fun!) and work on my novel.
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I hope you're all having a wonderful day. It's pretty quiet for me, no family or friends around, so I'm just chillin'. I worked my overnight shift last night and will be working tonight as well. But that's totally groovy because I finished my story for my VM_Santa last night and I totally didn't expect to, but I did! Yay! It's just waiting a beta-read now. And it just feels so good because I haven't finished a VM fic (or any fic) in a long time for various reasons. Finishing that (and feedback from my betas) has really pumped me up to write more of another fic I'm writing, so I'm very happy about that.

Loot wasn't all that much (four towels, Bath & Bodyworks lotion/body splash, National Treasure), but the reaction from my family to their gifts was wonderful and certainly made me a happy camper. They say this is the season of giving and I certainly got joy from that, so yay!!

Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday!
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A friend put it best why I'm so bummed right now: When tv stuff is lousy and life stuff is lousy, it seems not fair. When bad things happen in tv, we should have life to compensate, and vice versa.

How true.

Why life sucks. )
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Because of how my sister feels about internet/privacy/her kids, I can't put pictures up of those gorgeous whippersnappers, but my brother is cool with it. I've only spent one actual week with Tiana, but we clicked and glommed onto each other right away. She was three then, and she'll be six soon and here are some pics of her that my bro just sent me to. And she is so, so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty, pretty pictures! )
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I had a fight with my sister who said that I needed to respect her decision about certain bs things that really don't matter much in the scheme of things and I just had to end the conversation because it's so the pot calling the kettle black. Hah! Like she ever respects my opinion about stupid bs things that don't matter! I know it sounds stupid and it is, but it's also frickin' frustrating!! Arrrgghhhh!!!
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I know this probably seems fairly silly, but I'm thrilled and so giddy right now. I got a laptop last week as I've mentioned, but I was unable to get the wireless mouse to work. I do a LOT of copying/pasting -- especially with the breakdowns for The LoVe Shack, and doing graphics -- and touchpads are good and well, but they are a bitch when c/ping a lot. Well, as I'm sure anyone raeding this had figured out, I got my wireless mouse to work. I called up Best Buy and he gave me directions that were easy to understand and yet for some reason were NOT described even remotely well in the instructions. But who cares, it works now and I'm giddy with joy. Woohoo.

And of course, this calls for my Kermit icon of joy!


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