Apr. 4th, 2009

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This show can NOT be canceled. It is so very, very good. The characters are so rich, so full of depth; the acting is superb. The story, the arcs are so intriguing. I have NO idea what is going on but I'm so utterly spellbound by watching the story unfold. Tonight's episode? Just another amazing one. This show keeps knocking 'em out.

About tonight's episode ... )
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Okay, so I'm not crazy. I just posted in reply to someone on my lj and over at [livejournal.com profile] harper47's that the upcoming movie may positively affect my beloved show's chances for survival, and lookee what I read over at some TV prognosis site!
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles -- Fox absolutely loves Terminator... but Fox also absolutely hates poor ratings. However, Terminator has one great thing going for it--McG's Terminator: Salvation opens in theaters in May. If it's a hit, it could restrengthen the brand and give this promising show new life.

Prognosis: It sounds silly to say a TV show's fate relies on a movie's performance, but let's face it--the television industry is as wacky as they come.
My fingers are crossed; my fingers are crossed!
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Plus, woohoo!! More Windy!!!! On that note, I'm still downloading the final episode to clip the Sam/Windy scenes, is anyone interested in me putting those up too? I really didn't expect to see her this final episode that's why I clipped them all last week.

Anyhoo, about the finale ... Magnificent and totally unexpected wrap-up. )

ETA: Most people on TWoP hated this, but I still stand by loving it. And there was an interview with TPTB that basically said that this was always planned to be the ending chapter, to which I say, unreservedly: BRAVA!!!! This was brilliant, utterly brilliant, ingenious and absolutely tied everything together in a way that made about as much sense as possible, while hitting the right major note for me. I LOVED IT!

I uploaded the ending to youtube -- it's below in the comments.


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