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I am oddly very, very annoyed at everyone calling Tom Cruise's role in Tropic Thunder a cameo. It. was. not. a. CAMEO!!! A cameo is a very brief appearance in a film; Tom Cruise had a supporting role. We saw him as much as we did Matthew McConaughey, possibly more. No one is calling McConaughey's role a cameo. So why is Cruise's being called one?!?! God, this is annoying me so much.

I have no idea why.

Just thought I'd share.
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When I first heard it said that Obama clinched the nomination, making history, I had tears in my eyes, I was so happy. And then came Hillary's speech and I sat there watching it with a sickening feeling in my stomach just knowing that she wasn't going to concede. And she didn't. MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I think she pretty much killed any opportunity for the VP or anywhere close to to the presidency EVER. What a ... my GOD!!!!!!!!!! The ego, the absolute horrificness of this just angers and frustrates me and makes me so incredibly furious, I have no words.

And to make it even worse, right before her speech, Axelrod (Obama's campaign manager) gave credit to Hillary, saying how wonderful she was, and show she had fought a magnificent race. The Obama campaign showing grace in victory. And then not so much Hillary. Not so much. Instead of this being about a historic moment in history, instead of focusing on Obama's moment -- the first African-American presidential nominee!!!!, she is making it all about her. MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

GOD, I'M FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This poppycock that she's being forced out because she's a woman is ridiculous. ANY OTHER CANDIDATE WHO'D LOST THIRTEEN PRIMARIES IN A ROW would have been expected to drop out. She has been urged to drop out not because she's a woman, but because going by the math she had a snowball's hell in chance of clinching the nomination.

This really was her LAST chance to be gracious, to actually get all of the credit for uniting the party, blah, blah, blah and she just shat all over it. My God the gall of that woman!!!!!!!!!!

Deep breath. Whatever, I'll get over. He's got the nomination and because of this speech of hers, there's pretty much no way in hell she'll get the VP slot now. And I can firmly and finally say THANK GOD! because of THIS speech, because of how she chose to handle this.

Go Obama!!!
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I'm sure I've mentioned this at least once in regards to Teddy Dunn at least, but I've felt this way about other actors of less-than-shining talent, and the outraged reaction to those who call for their firing. Why is calling for an actor to be fired a horrible thing? It's a job and if someone is not properly doing their job, they shouldn't keep that job. If it were a salesperson who was unable to make a sale, they'd likely be fired because they were doing a poor job. Acting, while entertainment, is still a job for the actors and if someone feels that they aren't properly doing their job (ie, acting badly), then to say that person shouldn't keep their job isn't a personal attack; it's a statement of opinion on how they're doing their job.

It's just such a big pet peeve of mine how actors seem to get a free-ride for doing a bad job at their craft simply because it's acting, as opposed to normal, everyday jobs that most individuals have. A job is a job, if you don't perform it well, you shouldn't keep it.
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My sister finally agreed to watch Friday Night Lights thinking that I had it on DVD. Well, I didn't, but eh, it was the push I needed to buy it. So we're going to the movies tonight (Sunshine with the oh so pretty Cillian Murphy) and I decided I'd surprise her and get FNL at Walmart (3 mins from where I live) for her to watch.

Well, I got to Walmart and they had some stupid Walmart Exclusive, two-part DVDs. There's FNL, Season One-First Half, a DVD set for $10.96 and then FNL, Season One-Second Half, a second DVD set for $10.96. So, (a) it's annoying because it's not a frickin' complete set, (b) it's annoying because combined it's more expensive than the supposed-to-be-great deal of $19.99 and (c) they have the old cover on one with Tim/Lyla kissing (and eww!), and then the second half has different pictures and whaddya know? NO LANDRY!!! Ugh, ugh, ugh!!!

I'm trying to get sis to stop at Target, but I doubt she will. It just really sucks, because she probably would have started it tomorrow with hubby (day off) and I would have gotten them both hooked. Arrrgghhh! Stupid Walmart!
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Not angsty, not future fic, just some s3 pre or post break-up smut with some plot *. And writing my own or reading all the fic in my memories won't do the trick. I want to just sit down and read it. Damn RT for screwing up the L/V story so much in S2 and then making them so non-L/V-ish this season that good, plentiful, not that horribly angsty, non-future-fic (you know, to get around the horrendous canon of their relationship) smut is hard to find. Sigh. It used to be darn plentiful.

Curse you, Rob Thomas!!!!

* Okay, pre-series or pre-ep 1.21 smut would work too.
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A friend put it best why I'm so bummed right now: When tv stuff is lousy and life stuff is lousy, it seems not fair. When bad things happen in tv, we should have life to compensate, and vice versa.

How true.

Why life sucks. )
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I am positively, absolutely mind-boggled at the reaction from some people in the fandom about the new round of VM spoilers. SERIOUSLY!

Spoilers and reaction behind the cut. )
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Nothing big, but information on the future ep numbers of a certain character. Said numbers leads to speculation that is filled with much whining and sadness and frustration. Just a warning.

I hate when fandom isn't fun. )
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Me = sad. I was going through the S3 promos that have been released and realized that centering the promo cast shot it's Piz, Veronica and Keith. I thought it was just me looking for stuff to depress me and then I went to and checked out the images there and sigh, the pics were made into thumbnails and here's the main cast gallery page: main cast gallery.

Yes, yes, it's next TO a Logan/Veronica picture, but still, it's kinda sad at the placement that Piz/Chris Lowell has in the one cast picture released, with it looking like Veronica's the main character (which she is) and then right next to her are the two men in her life. Where's Logan? You can't even see him in the pic when cropped because he's sitting down. Sigh. Yes, he's closer up in the shot, but I'm not talking about promotion for JD, but for Logan/Veronica and it just made me sad.

Spoilers about S3. )
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You know, I used to be emotionally effected when an episode of a good TV show ended with a strong song that fit the mood. A good example is "Time" at the end of the S1 Joan of Arcadia episode "Jump." It enhanced the stellar episode, the strength and emotion of it and it didn't play under any dialogue, the show instead used the music to cap it all, enhancing the visuals onscreen. Now, this wasn't a thing they did often and so it had a power that still gets to me today. On the other hand, nowadays, show after show after show uses emo songs to bring emotion and resonance to their final scenes, more often than not playing the songs under dialogue.

This, to me, is a weakness of writing when it's used time and time again because it then becomes a crutch. A writer shouldn't need to rely on someone else's words, voice or music to relay the emotion of their scene. That's THEIR job! And yet, shows keep on doing it as if that's the only way they know how to wring emotion from their audience. Grey's Anatomy and Rescue Me are really big offenders -- of the shows I watch, the worst. Also, Nip/Tuck and House have begun to use it more than necessary. Of all the new shows I've watched so far (Studio60, Jericho, Men in Trees, Justice, Shark, Six Degrees, Standoff), I believe that Studio60 and Justice are the only ones who haven't used this device.

Frankly, because of the proliferation, such episode closers aren't really effecting me all that much anymore because I'm used to it, it's so same old, same old. (And it doesn't help that so many shows seem to regurgitate the same songs). I just am thankful that Veronica Mars rarely goes there. Yes, they use a lot of songs in the episodes, but they are mostly background music used to enhance, not create, the emotion in the scene. Even those episodes that have ended with songs, use it not as a crutch to wring emotion from viewers, ie. playing under what is meant to be deep and meaningful dialogue, but rather to enhance the visuals or a few lines of dialogue. It isn't used the way the above shows I referenced do. The music on VM is used in the right way to enhance the emotion in the scene, not create or overpower it so that you end the episode remembering the dialogue (if a song plays under dialogue -- which happens rarely), the scene and not just the song.

Anyhoo, after watching two new shows tonight and having both end on emo songs to sell their final, emotional moments, I just needed to vent.
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I realized something last night. I'm not excited about Veronica Mars in the way I was S1. When Logan/Veronica stuff started happening in S1, I squeed, I grinned, I was so flippin' thrilled by it. S2 when we finally started getting good stuff (the little we got), I liked it, but I wasn't over the moon. It felt cheap and unearned and it didn't have untempered joy attached to it, because it was obvious that RT wasn't fully onboard with LoVe, because it was obvious (from VD comments) that KB didn't like the pairing and it sadly showed onscreen, because it was clear that Veronica was the the saint in their relationship, and Logan the sinner.

And on we go ... (Spoilers about S3 )
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My BFF watched it and told me a little bit about it and frankly I'm not interested in watching it.

My thoughts on what she told me and why I don't want to watch it -- S3 Spoilers. )
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I just remain in a constant state of befuddlement regarding Rob Thomas' discussion of the upcoming season. With regards to Kristen Bell, I harbor no confusion whatsoever. If the show is cancelled, she'd, no doubt, be thrilled. But I believe that Rob Thomas actually does want the show to continue. Which is why I am so confused.

Spoiler discussion below the cut. Mainly about one specific character and the state of the Logan/Veronica relationship. No plotlines or specifics. )
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My friend told me that she read on the VM lj that they met KB at Leno and asked about very slight spoilers ). Then she was asked how long Logan and Veronica would be together. Her response: Until Logan screws someone else's mom.

Gah! Kendall wasn't even someone's mom! Far from it! Jesus, Dick would have screwed her had he had the chance. No, it doesn't make it right, but the situation with Kendall is soooooooooo not how KB keeps describing it and harping about. Especially since Veronica and Logan were NOT TOGETHER when he was with Kendall (either time!). Double Gah!
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Mild Season Three spoilers for Veronica Mars within along with speculation built upon naty's Piz thread and ww1614's comments therein.

I wonder if ... )
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I'm trying to articulate why I seem such a bitter hardass about the casting spoiler and the clear hints regarding storyline that we're getting.

Read more... )
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Sigh, I am so, so, so tired of Jason getting the shaft when it comes to press. He has yet to do ONE photo shoot independent of VM (which is most likely his agent/manager's fault) and the only VM-related shoot was way back from the Pilot and the two shots from S2 (with only one released as a solo shot) and those have the hideous wardrobe and background. Yes, we saw him in the one CW commercial, but all the ones that feature ep clips, don't showcase him at ALL!

At the media events we barely see him. I don't know if it's his agent, I don't know if it's the network, but it drives me insane. He sells this show! I'm sorry, but I'm SO SICK of seeing Kristen Bell promoting the show when ... she DOESN'T PROMOTE THE SHOW!!!! At least Jason watches the show, at least Jason likes the show, at least Jason says good things about the show, about Kristen, about the characters, about the relationship that most watching love and shows enthusiasm for it. Kristen? Not.

I am just so, so, so tired of seeing so little on Jason. He's charming, he's sweet, he's adorable, most who watch him for any amount of time fall for him and yet he does NO PRESS for this show beyond a couple of online interviews which so few people see. No network stuff, very, very few events, no talk shows, no magazine interviews (but for one inexplicable spread with Charisma Carpenter that highlighted her more than him). No doubt, come Emmys we'll only see KB. Come talk show interviews, we'll only see KB, with EC possibly sneaking in. But the hearthrob of the show? The guy who genuinely sells the show? The breakout star of the show? Him? We won't see, just as we have continued to not see him and it's frustrating!

Frustrating because I love him and I want to see more of him and frustrating because you'd think that after two years, the network would realize that Kristen Bell alone is not working as a draw. If you watch the show, yes, she's wonderful (generally and more S1 than 2), but if you don't, you just see a cute blonde and one in print/interviews who seems incapable of actually selling the show. Plus, she's a girl and this show draws in females! Show the guy! Hell, just stir it up and add the guy to the mix. Romance sells. Pretty people looking pretty and hot together sells. SELL IT! Geez! Put him on the talk shows, he's cute, he's charming, he's enthusiastic, show a hot clip of Logan and Veronica. Sell the charisma of this guy, the likability of him, the chemistry of he and KB. You've got it, use it ... flaunt it for goodness' sake!

Gah! Look at my icon! Look at that face! Look at that smile! What's not to love?!?!? GAH!!!!
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Now I know why those fuckers have the reputation they do!!! I made my final payment and thought I'd check to verify and I find out that I have what amounts to close to $300.00 in late fees and interest on the late fees. Since I made only ONE late payment back in December, I called to find out what the hell is going on.

Apparently because of that one late payment, those asswipes were applying accruing late fees to every single (bimonthly!) car payment due. I wasn't told about this when I signed and no one called to inform me of this little bit of info either, so while I was paying them $200 to $300 dollars extra per month on my payments, every payment I sent in was getting late fees added to it!



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