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It's called "Hold Up My Heart" -- I just purchased it off of I-Tunes (never let it be said that I do not financially support my Idol loves). I really like it; it's spare and simple, sweet with Brooke's signature voice. It's just so Brooke. Won't break any records, but I like it. SQUEE!! She's going to be performing it tonight on Idol supposedly. Can't wait!! :)

ETA: Seriously, I've been listening to this non-stop over and over and I just love it, love it!! It's so sing-a-long-able to.
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In celebration of the release of David Cook's self-titled album release yesterday, an AI-poll. It just popped in my head and I wanted to do it.

[Poll #1301147]
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I could be wrong, but I checked "best week ever" and the other top 12 contestants on youtube and only Brooke and Cookie showed up ... which just proves that those two are MADE OF THE AWESOME.

First there was Brooke's: Best Week Ever presents ... Brooke White Stops and Starts the Classics

Now, there is David Cook on "Idol Chit-Chat" being just as hilariously awesome as Brooke. Damn, they would have made the second-best final two EVER!!! (With Cookie winning then too. Yes, yes, even though Brooke is my total awesome favorite, I still think and know that Cookie would have beat her by a zillion votes.)

Man, I'm totally embedding both of these vids behind the cut just for an easy one-step click of double-the-fun laugh-out-loud funnies of Brooke & Cook!

The AWESOME is here )
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Best Week Ever presents ...

Brooke White Stops and Starts the Classics

I love that she has the sense of humor to go for this. She? Is the awesome. Now, I just have to stop and start myself so that I can read all of the titles, LOL!

ETA: All the titles behind the cut Read more... )
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If anyone is interested (you should be, it's awesome!!) you can buy Brooke White's CD at her official website (that doesn't have much right now on it), and you can also get it off of I-Tunes -- where it's doing pretty decently. (#48 in all albums, #17 of pop albums. GO BROOKE!!)

Anyhoo, to get it at her official site, go here. The CD is called "Songs from the Attic," and it is awesome!
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Watched all the performances tonight (go me!)

Quick Thoughts ... behind the cut )
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Okay, so I finally got around to watching all of the performances. I know it's long gone and over, but I HAVE to give my two cents worth (which is more like twenty dollars worth) about this because of all of the outrage and commentary over the performance night and results. And I have to say that there IS rightful outrage over Carly leaving over a performer who gave a disastrous performance and SHOULD have gone based on that performance ... if this show was ACTUALLY a singing competition (which it's not, but more on that later). That performer is, however, NOT Brooke White ... by ANY stretch of imagination. At all.

Lots (and lots) of thoughts on the songs performed, the performances themselves, flubbed lyrics, my rankings, etc. behind the cut. )
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Behind the cut, it's all behind the cut ...

America's Next Top Model )

Re: AI and Brooke -- I still am getting all of her songs, so if anyone wants any recent live and/or studio version, just give me a heads-up.

American Idol )

Top Chef )
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Obviously spoilers for who went home tonight behind the cut.

Dude, you all know that it ain't Archie. )
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I made a Brooke signature for IdolForums and I love it, so I wanted to share it. I also have the rest of her songs from her album (Gah, I wish is was available for a normal price and not $75.00 used!). If anyone is interested in the songs, just me know and I'll add them to this thread.

Anyhoo, here's my siggy:

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Crappy, crappy, crappy night for reality TV for me tonight. Not overall, but in three of the four reality shows I watch, I lost faves. Sniff, sniff.

Spoilers for Survivor, AI, Celebrity Apprentice, Make Me a Supermodel )
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So my remote wasn't working and I couldn't watch AI without the fast-forward button and that just ain't happening, so it had to wait until it worked. This morning, it was fixed and so I zipped through the top 10 guys/girls and my thoughts.

- I LOVE Danny Noriega, even when he picks the wrong songs. I love HIM! Love him, love him, love him. I like his voice, I love his attitude. Love him!

- Danny Archuleta does have a good voice, but that song is NOT a showcase song, ah well. He did do well.

- I LOVE Brooke White. Fabulous song choice, and she was fabulous. Love her. Love her. Love her.

Everyone else, meh.
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I did this last year and actually did a pretty good job in picking more than half of the eventual top 12, and I also had the final three listed in my faves, so I figured, eh, might as well do it again.

Philadelphia )

Dallas )

Word to those who want to watch these auditions really quickly -- fastforward through the bad performances, you get through a two-hour show in about 40 minutes or less. I actually got through 4 hours worth in an hour. Go me!! Is it me and my fast-forwarding, though, or were there less bad vocalists than normal? Have *GASP* the producers actually paid attention to the fact that they had WAY too many bad ones last year?


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