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Monday night TV, but for 24 and Castle. I'll probably do a second post for those two that includes the as yet unwatched Dollhouse and The Amazing Race. I'm planning on writing posts on the season (yes, damnit! season) finales of Life and Terminator (both BEYOND AWESOME!) later this week. But for now ...

The Big Bang Theory )

How I Met Your Mother )

Dancing with the Stars )
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Okay, it was voted on by fans, but she still won, so yay for Julianne!! And her acceptance speech was adorable. Love her!! :) And she got a standing ovation from the audience, country music's best. Go Julianne!!! And for the occasion, I finally made a Juliane-only icon (and cleaned out some other ones, sigh -- give me more icon space, lj!!!). And now I'm listening to her CD again!

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Well, tonight was an interesting one. Two couples rose highly in my estimation, while the rest pretty much stayed as is. Listing these in order of not just technique, but on the level of enjoyment I got out of the dance.

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This is a combo post about the first and second week of DwtS, I'm just concentrating on certain couples and skimming over the rest that bore me (or don't annoy me for whatever reason) ....

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Yes, you read that right!!! Despite contrary reports, Julianne *will* be in the upcoming Dancing with the Stars -- likely, she changed her mind because her partner is actually her real-life boyfriend. But even more awesome, Chelsie Hightower -- THE Chelsie whom I adored on last season of So You Think You Can Dance -- has joined the cast as a professional dancer. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy. Part of my problem with DwTS the last few years has been because of my Julianne bias, I really haven't been able to open myself up to other pairings, but with Chelsie, I now have two pros I adore. Yay, yay, yay!!!

ETA: HOLY SHIT!! I didn't even realize that the other new dancer is Dimitry (also from SYTCD) and he's ultra-hot-stuff!!! Damn!! Now, they just need to get Natalie, Mark and Neil on there and I'll watch DWTS for the pros period!

Anyhoo, the full cast/pairing list behind the cut. )
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Quick TV thoughts, no really, they ARE quick! (Go me!) ...

Law & Order (No spoilers) - FABULOUS season-opener. Really, just kick-ass. I love this show so much. So, so, so much. And while I miss Jesse L. Martin, I've always loved Anthony Anderson and he's doing great. Just great, great season opener. And the last line was AWESOME!!! (I wouldn't be surprised if they did dub two versions of it, though. Still awesome.)

TheAmazing Race (No spoilers) - I enjoy this, of course, simply because it IS The Amazing Race, but other than liking Toni/Dallas, I don't really care about any team, so I don't really care who wins. I just know that I don't want the Frats or Sarah/Terrence to win. And while I do like Toni/Dallas (I know you love 'em, Gerrie), I don't like *like* them. I dunno, it's been the least I'm-involved-in-emotionally TAR ever. Oh well. I still do enjoy it.

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The Mentalist (No spoilers) - Good show; it's not earth-shattering, it's not obsessive; it's not appointment television, it's just good and enjoyable. Same as usual.

Eli Stone )
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Because of all of the TV conflicts on Monday night, I didn't get to watch the first show until today, and thus the following nights had to wait as well. I wrote up my thoughts as the show aired, so I didn't jump ahead and spoil myself.

Night 1 )

Night 2 )

Night 3 )
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Dancing with the Stars duos out ... exciting line-up and Gerrie!!!! LACEY is gonna be one of the pro dancers this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!

List behind the cut. )
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Stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID DwtS judges. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!

Seriously!!! Number SEVEN!?!?!? When Julianne/Helio were number five?!?! And they didn't even choose the Samba?!?!? Or the Tango!??!?!? Or the Paso Doble?!?!?

Well, you know what Len, Carrie-Ann and Bruno? SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The top 10 judges' dance picks )
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Spoilers about who went home behind the cut, but before the cut ... a word or two about The Jonas Brothers (the "musical" guests tonight). Of course, I've heard of them. They're practically everywhere in the media world and if you read ONTD, Entertainment Weekly, etc. you pretty much can't not know who they are. However, you CAN be unaware of how they actually sound as a group. As was I.

Until tonight.

When my ears practically begged my ears to no longer have the power of hearing if it would save them from EVER. HAVING. TO. LISTEN. TO. THE. CATERWAULING. THAT. THE. JONAS. BROTHERS. CALL. SINGING. EVER AGAIN!

Wow, was that singer GOD-AWFUL. I mean, bad, bad, bad, bad. Oy. Sadly, folks, that is what the music industry is reduced to these days. A group of "cute" teenage boys who happened to star on a Disney TV show with a lead singer who insults the very word "singer" with his vocals are one of the hottest acts in music now. Lord help us all.

Oy vey.

On with the results )

RE: American Idol tonight. I love Brooke. I loved the whole arrangement. That is all.
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Before I go into thoughts on the ladies tonight, I did want to address the Julianne comments made in response to last night's post. If I offend anyone, I'm truly sorry and I don't mean to. I just adore Julianne and really can't fathom the dislike. I know it's to each their own, but it's so frustrating when people whose opinions I respect differ so completely from mine. Therefore, this bit that follows ... She can't win. )

With that said ... onto the ladies tonight with a preface. I will say that I like Marlee Matlin bunches and Shannon Elizabeth going into this. Also, I may be the only person on the planet, but I'm pretty much actively rooting AGAINST Kristi Yamaguchi. Give me Baiul, give me Kwan, give me Cohen. Meh, spare me Yamaguchi. )

Anyhoo, on with tonight's performances ... Read more... )
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Thoughts on the new season of DwTS. I don't have a favorite going into this beyond Julianne and Adam Corolla and that's ALL about Julianne. I do like Marlee Matlin and Shannon Elizabeth (yes, I do), but I'm not pre-show rooting for anyone (other than Julianne because I love her).

The dancers behind the cut )
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Saving commentary behind the cut as to not spoil ....

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I really loved two dances tonight, so yay! And enjoyed most of the night.

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I gotta say that Helio is great, but he needs to lose the perma-smile; and as good as he and Julianne are, they don't have that perfect fit that Julianne and Apolo had, but then my Apolianne really were once in a blue moon. Sigh.

I still love Marie and Jane, but I gotta say that Jennie has been sneaking up on me and tonight she just cemented her place in my top faves. Brief spoiler about tonight. )
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Got around to watching DwtS tonight, so watched both and early thoughts:

Monday (Ladies) )

Tuesday (Gentlemen) )

I have to say that I think this is THE best group of dancers they've yet to get. Seriously. The weakest ones (erm, other than the last dancer of the night) at least have potential. So good casting job.

Sigh, I miss Apolo (and PAULINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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Well, that's it. The dancing is over. Sniff, sniff.

Before the cut, I must say one thing -- not a spoiler ... PAULINAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Man, she SO should not have gone out before the first six dancers that went after her. Grrr!!!!!!!!!!

Alrighty, on with the results. )
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Checking out the Julianne Hough thread on TWoP and apparently, she sings too. You can hear snippets of two songs here. She doesn't have the greatest voice, a little bit of nasal in there, but she's not bad by a long shot and, yeah, I like her and her voice enough, that I'd buy a release by her. Still, gorgeous, an amazing dancer, choreographer and a singer too!?!? Dang!!!!!!!!


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