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I decided to do a SYTYCD write-up after all. (Hint, hint, I loved Mark and Chelsie. Of course.) Behind the cut ...

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I promised [ profile] harper47 that I would make some Mark icons last weekend and I TOTALLY forgot. (She did get a kick-ass icon now with animation which I don't do, so she's good.) Still, better late than never. Anyhoo, a few Mark icons, and some Chelsie/Mark ones -- including the new one for this post. If you take them, just let me know and credit. Thanks. :) (Only 7 so I'm not worried about a cut.)

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So You Think You Can Dance

Chelsie is insane. I want her to win. Period.

I love Gev.

Project Runway

contestant ) is genius and goooooooooooood.

See? I can do quick.
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I know, if I'm not writing about Doctor Who, I'm writing about SYTYCD. My lj must be very boring for those not into either right now. Sorry.

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OMG!! It's not a Doctor Who post!!!! What is the world coming to!?!??! Ahem.

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I got home uber-late last night. I was visiting my dad in the hospital (he had a mild -- very mild, thank God!) heart attack the other night, so late night getting home so I wasn't able to just sit and watch/critique/post like usual. (Daddy is doing fine, by the way. He got out this morning.)

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OMG! It's not a Doctor Who post!!!!

Ahem, so watching SYTYCD and decided to throw my thoughts down while watching.

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Well, one my two faves (I realized they were my two faves as I kept hoping for them throughout the night the most) made it! Yay!!! (Boo, HUGE BOO!, to the other one not making it.) I will say I was really annoyed by how this night went because I wanted to know who the heck the dancers were. At least in the final groups, they should have said all of their names. So, so annoying. I was so frustrated with how they didn't acknowledge so many, and then spent so much time on those who were ultimately cut. Sigh.

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A few dancers caught my eye tonight on the last (thank GOODNESS!) night of auditions ...

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Lovely job, Travis. Just lovely.
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Finally, So You Think You Can Dance auditions offers up some blog-worthy ones. I've liked a few people the last few nights, but not enough to even consider posting until the first 10 minutes of tonight's audition round, followed by another one seven minutes later.

So, my early favorites are easily ...A potential successor to Neil in the bunch? Hmmm... )

Three comments based on all the nights so far that bug ...

- Too, too many nights of auditions. SERIOUSLY. Too many nights. God!

- Honestly, I think they highlight WAAAAAAAAAAY too many poppers. Yes, when done well, it's cool -- but more styles, please. Especially when in the history of this show, poppers don't tend to do that great outside of popping.

- The "Snuggle happy dance?" Have we found the new definition of lame? I think so.
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No results spoilers really. I'll just say that I'm not surprised and am cool with who went home. As for one of the guest performers ... I don't want to potentially ruin this for someone else. )
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My quick thoughts behind the cut, but I do want to say that I was very, very, VERY disappointed that winner got like two seconds of celebration before the credits starting rolling and about 30 seconds before the show went off the air. Come on, Nigel, you let the winner have their moment in the sun nicely on AI, why not here?

I also want to say that I'm thrilled, really, really, really thrilled that Neil was in the final four because watching this reminded me why I was so uninterested in the finale last year. My fave wasn't there and it's so, so heavy-final four (as it should be). Uhm, unless your name is Sara. Okay then. I did love her routines chosen, but that many? Really?

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Man, oh man I had a shitty day and kept myself going through it by constantly reminding myself that I would see Neil tonight. Yes, indeedy, I would see Neil tonight.

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I don't know really to what degree accuracy these have, but this is what they have up. Note all three are close enough that none is declared safe.

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Heavy sigh, most likely the last night of competitive dancing for my Neil, so of course I had to jot my comments down. And of course I had to comment with Neil and Sabra finally dancing together. YAY!!! I've been power-voting since a little after 9 and am getting through constantly. Sigh, my boy is sooo going home. Double sigh.

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