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1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

I stupidly volunteered to do this in [ profile] isiscaughey's journal and she was truly cruel giving me Mal, Logan and Rose. COME ON!!!!!!! Sigh. Okay, here goes ...

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Title: To Catch a Diary Thief
Characters/Pairing: Logan, Veronica, Wallace, Troy, Cherry Winslow (OC), Annabelle Bonham (OC), Logan/Veronica
Rating: NC-17 overall; this chapter, PG
Word Count: 3,347
Summary: Veronica works on the case of the stolen diary, unaware that Logan and Wallace are independently working on it as well. Throughout the investigation, Veronica and Logan are coming to terms with their relationship.
Spoilers: References sprinkled throughout to events in seasons one and two. The only nod to season three is that she's working at the library; she definitely still has the LeBaron because I hate the Saturn. It is sooo not Veronica Mars.
Timeline: I conceived of this story before season three started and this is the way I had hoped Veronica would be with Logan, so although this story takes place around early season three, it is not canon beyond the end of season two. So, yes, Wallace's roommate does not exist in my universe.
Disclaimer: Rob Thomas, Warner Brothers, The CW, they own ... not I. This is just for fun, not profit.
Notes: (1) I would like to give huge thanks to my group of amazing betas who reread chapters multiple times and did so much to make this story a thousand times better than it would have been without their generous help. I am so very, very grateful for all you've done: Sowell, Polartruckin (Belinda), JaneDtwo and SeluciaV (Alli), you are all beyond awesome. (2) ~italics~ indicate what would be Veronica's voiceovers on the show. (3) Like Veronica Mars, I am fond of titles that are pun-laden and/or derived from pop culture sources. The story title is a take on the 1955 romantic comedy starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, To Catch a Thief. All chapter titles will be similarly pun and/or pop-culture related. If you're so inclined, guess the reference.

Previous Chapters can be found here.


Chapter 3: Discomfort and Troy )
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So I started a fic a while ago called To Catch a Diary Thief. Alas, Veronica Mars degenerated into something that could simply NOT feed the urge to finish the dang thing (despite the fact that I DO have it all planned out, sigh). Anyhoo, I DO have two more chapters finished up (with the fifth a work in progress); I can't guarantee that I'll ever finish this, but I wondered if anyone was interested in reading the next two chapters. In the first one we meet up with Troy, and the second is mostly Logan/Wallace. They're just sitting on my computer unread by all but my beta-readers.

Anyway, just putting it out there.
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So yesterday some of us in the former VM-fandom were quite thrilled at the news that Rob Thomas was fired or quit Miss/Guided. I was one of them as I quite enjoy Judy Greer and wanted to watch the show and I was NOT happy with most of RT's choices the last two seasons (and two episodes of s1) of Veronica Mars.

Well, this morning I read from a "source" on the E! Online Forums that David Greenwalt is leaving Moonlight. I was bummed because I liked Greenwalt's work on Buffy and Angel. But that was it. Just bummed because of the reason stated above and because I wanted Moonlight to succeed well enough to get Jason Dohring some much-deserved attention.

And then, my brain just put the two together and OH. GOD. NO!!!!!!!!!!! Please, please, please TV Gods, do NOT tell me that if Greenwalt did leave and that with an EP slot open and RT now without a show, he'll be taking over?!?!? Please don't tell me that I'll have to deal with RT AGAIN!? More importantly, please don't tell me that Jason will have to deal with RT again!?!?!??

Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Talk me down, talk me down!!!!
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I watched all of the Logan scenes (well, I skipped a few Logan/Parker scenes) in the final five, including the finale, and while not ecstatically thrilled, I'm pretty durn content with how the show ended in terms of Logan/Veronica.

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Is there anyone who downloads the episodes of VM who can do me a favor? Considering how it ended, I'm okay with watching the L/V, Logan-non-Parker scenes, so I was wondering if anyone who downloaded it, still has them and doesn't mind, would give me the times that the above scenes starts so that I can watch them, clip them in good quality without having to sit through couply Logan/Parker or any Veronica/Piz.

Yay, myalltheworld got them all for me. Woohoo!!!!

I'd really, really appreciate it. Heck, I might even retroactively do chemistry write-ups for their scenes.
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I didn't watch it, but I discuss what others have and so there are spoilers. I'm not happy, but I'm actually a lot more content than I expected to be based on spoilers. Don't get me wrong, I still think the L/V story from the Madison thing (minus Heather) sucked BIG-TIME, but considering how much it sucked, I'm pretty durn okay with how it ended. So go behind the cut... )
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I loved her as little girl God on Joan of Arcadia, enjoyed her in her recurring role on Desperate Housewives, loved, loved, loved her as Heather opposite Jason Dohring's Logan on Veronica Mars and now she just gave me a new reason to think she totally rocks. I was watching Ugly Betty and saw her name in the credits, but forgot to look for her as the show played out. Well, I decided to rewatch the ending tonight and it hit me! AHA! Read more... )
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Truly, he is. I knew the actor who played Abel Koontz (on Veronica Mars) was Christian Clemenson because I did episode breakdowns, but it never crossed my mind that I had seen the actor in anything else. Then about three months ago, I happened to be paying attention to the credits while watching Boston Legal -- which I love and watch every week -- and saw CC's name pop up. It registered and I was like "ooh! Abel Koontz is on tonight's episode." So, I watched it and it wasn't until the show was over that I realized I'd missed him. Confused, I went to IMDB and looked his role up on BL and found out that he played Jerry "Hands" Espenson. I was SHOCKED!!! "Hands" has been a recurring character for a while now, and one that I absolutely love. I'm never bored during his scenes; I've always thought the actor was wonderful (but never had looked up his name) and have enjoyed him from his first appearance. I never, ever, EVER connected Abel Koontz and "Hands" as the same actor. EVER. Even now, knowing it's the same actor, I still can't reconcile how different everything about the portrayals are.

To add to this, I rented United 93 about a month after this revelation and whaddya know, CC was in that also ... creating an entirely different "character" and was wonderful. About a week after that, I also rented The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. and CC was a regular on that show, creating yet ANOTHER completely different character. I'm just so utterly wowed by his skill and talent. He truly is one of THE most underappreciated, downright absolutely amazingly talented actors I have ever had the pleasure to watch perform. He's just WOW!
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Can anyone make a cap of Keith about to open the burning fridge that Veronica is locked in Leave it to Beaver? vm-caps doesn't have that moment. It would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I know it's been a bit of a while, but due to the turmoil in fandom in the last couple of weeks, posting S1 Logan/Veronica scene analysis didn't really seem on point. Things appeared to have calmed a bit and I have a few more seasons yet to go through, so here is the next batch ... five of 'em this time. ((Logan/Veronica Chemistry livejournal))

- An Echolls Family Christmas
- Clash of the Tritons
- Lord of the Bling
- Mars vs Mars
- Ruskie Business

Enjoy and if you are reading them, please feel free to respond, I love to hear thoughts on the analysis. :)
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So, I'm updating my L/V chemistry journal and I'm on AEFC and I noted how I especially noted the direction (but didn't point out the director), so out of curiousity I went a'looking and whaddya know? Nick Marck did the duty ... he of:

- the famous hallway scene in 2.02 Driver Ed
- the gentle, naturally couply-scenes of 3.07 President Evil
- the awesomeness of the reunion scene in 3.10 Show Me the Monkey

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The only thing that bums me is the season will likely end on L/V not together. Stupid RT. Personally, I think he's had a pretty good idea of this for awhile spoilers for the rest of this season ) Overall, I'm happy it's canceled, because I don't know if I could have dealt with another season of Rob Thomas' idea of "good drama."

To be honest, the show pretty much died for me in NitW. Sure, it had good episodes and good moments, but when all of the fall-out of Lilly's death, Aaron being the murderer, their affair was ignored, the events of ATttD were ignored so Rob could revisit the twu wuv of VD, KB and TPTB started making Veronica look un-Veronica like and be a holier-than-thou judgmental bitch, well I knew the show would never return to what it was with RT at the helm. S1 was a happy accident. And as far as I'm concerned the downhill trend began in NitW. Actually, I think it began in ATttD, but there was enough great stuff in that and LitB and it was part of an overall fabulous season, that it could be overlooked then. So, upset? Not really. Just bummed about lack of togetherness for L/V, but if we'd had a S4, Rob would have just brought in new love interests for them, more contrived crap and fucked it all up even more.

My hope now is that maybe Jason Dohring will get something where he's not treated like the redheaded stepchild by those in charge.

The day we’ve all dreaded has come, tubers.

With actual tears in my eyes, I must tell you that I’ve heard from several solid sources that the CW has decided not to bring Veronica Mars back for a fourth season.

Though official word has not yet come down from the network, I did hear from creator Rob Thomas earlier this week, who told me things weren’t looking good: “I’ve never been less certain of our fate. I’m afraid I’ve gone from cautiously optimistic to something less than that.”
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Here's the latest batch of my Logan/Veronica analysis as seen (or will be seen) in The LoVe Shack Breakdowns.

Woohoo!! Fun analysis!! )
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Here's the latest batch of my Logan/Veronica analysis as seen (or will be seen) in The LoVe Shack Breakdowns.

And the straws return. )
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I thought it was a good episode, not great, but good. This arc (despite the rip-your-heart-out L/V stuff is a much better arc than the first, imo).

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ETA: About KB's over-the-top in the jail scenes performance. Hold on ... I'm actually defending her. I KNOW! )
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Ah, you guys are right. Who am I kidding? Every time, every single time that I've come up with reasonable way for stuff to make sense and work out ... it never does and I just get slapped down again by the show. spoiler ) We'll get drips and drops of scenes with LoVe that serve to only break our hearts over again and it'll end with nothing for us. I don't know who I was kidding. Sigh.
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While typing up responses to my last Logan/Veronica post, I came to a clearer picture of where I think things are going and wanted to put it all together in some sort of cohesive form. Here is that attempt to do so ... behind the cut. )
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Erm sorta. This deals heavily with upcoming relationship spoilers be wary when going behind the cut. )

And yes, this means I do still have actual delusions of hope where this show and this couple are concerned. Scary, huh?
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I finally got around to watching The Office last night and I thought it was an enjoyable episode (okay, except for Michael's speech, eek!). Now, I should note here that while I like Jim/Pam, I don't ship them. I don't read spoilers, I don't analyze their scenes, I rewound their first kiss twice, but that's it. I'm not a shipper. With that said, after I watched the episode, I hopped on over to TWoP and read the episode thread and was quite surprised to find the Jim/Pam shippers throughout the thread were so disgruntled, complaining about the Jim/Pam aspect, saying the show had one more week to fix them or they were going to stop watching. There was discussion of how so much had been wrecked with the characters it wasn't possible to repair them and I was a little shocked. I thought the show was great and overall, I've been quite happy with it. The quality hasn't dipped and the progression of the Jim/Pam story has been fine for me. Of course, I'm not a shipper at all for them.

So, I started thinking of this in relation to VM and how so many Logan/Veronica shippers are ready to jump ship, are furious with what has happened to the show, dog it left and right (and I'm surely one of them), but how some non-shippers are fine with it and don't quite get where we're coming from. And I thought, you know, wow! really shipping a couple on a show really, REALLY changes your opinion of that show. You tend to look more closely at plotlines, at interaction, at how things are going or not going for your couple and shippers tend to analyze the hell out of the show -- not just their couple, but the show as a whole. I don't know why, maybe because most people who ship a couple, like the show and therefore when they find themselves analyzing one aspect, they wind up analyzing the whole thing.

What this all means, I dunno, I just thought it was interesting.


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