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OMG!!! I saw Star Trek ... oh, yeah, and AI results.

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ETA: MADE a Kris icon, so replaced my lovely Brooke/Cook icon.
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While I took this off of my DVR, I've been attempting to watch the performances when they're put up and I have to say I've been liking Kris Allen more and more each week. His performance (but for the last note) this week of "Ain't No Sunshine" was quite spectacular. I wonder if the cute, talented little dude might manage to sneak into the top two. I kinda like him.

FYI, Adam Lambert and Megan Corkey remain complete and utter hot messes.
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I gave 'em three weeks of singing (including the semi's) and no one -- and I mean NO ONE -- has even remotely held my interest, impresses me, etc. And I actively loathe more than a couple of the singers. So, yeah, American Idol has lost me this year. Oh well.
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Watched it, quick thoughts. (No really, they're quick, I swear!)

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Erm, I lied. So not quick.
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First Top Chef, obviously I'm still upset about Jeff ... but Read more... )

Now American Idol )
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I know I said last week that Alexis Grace was my fave, and I do still like her, but she's got competition now. Uh huh.

Night Four (aka Tuesday) )

Night Five (aka Wednesday) )

ETA: Night Six (aka Thursday) )
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To start with, a quick something that I've been meaning to mention. I generally fast-forward through most of the stories before the singers sing. In fact, I rarely listen to all of their conversation with the judges. I pretty much stop fast-forwarding about thirty seconds or so before they sing, listen to them sing, listen to the judges' comments and then fast-forward away again. I despise the fact that some contestants get such early favoritism by their stories being shown, while others in the semi's don't, so I like to judge them based pretty much on their singing, their showmanship and the brief glimpse of personality I see. Obviously, I pick up on the main stories being plugged, but I don't actually watch the heart-tugging stuff. With that said ...

Only an hour, so just a few names. There were some singers they liked that I was meh on and no one I liked even remotely as much as they did, but there was one I liked more than them.

My picks for tonight of who I like and/or think we'll make it ... )

Thoughts on Kara: The new judge. )
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Season 7: Of the semi-finalists, I picked 18 of the 24 chosen. Of the top 12, I picked 10 (no Jason Castro or David Hernandez).

Season 6: Not as good, 11 out of the 24, and then 7 of the top 12.

Still, I think I'm doing pretty good and I did note the top three of each year. So, so far this season, I actually have more names than I normally would simply because I do think they clearly are showing more better singers as opposed to the craptastic ones mostly.

The ones I liked and/or think will go far. As always I'm just posting the little notes I posted from first impression. )

Top Chef )
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In celebration of the release of David Cook's self-titled album release yesterday, an AI-poll. It just popped in my head and I wanted to do it.

[Poll #1301147]
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I could be wrong, but I checked "best week ever" and the other top 12 contestants on youtube and only Brooke and Cookie showed up ... which just proves that those two are MADE OF THE AWESOME.

First there was Brooke's: Best Week Ever presents ... Brooke White Stops and Starts the Classics

Now, there is David Cook on "Idol Chit-Chat" being just as hilariously awesome as Brooke. Damn, they would have made the second-best final two EVER!!! (With Cookie winning then too. Yes, yes, even though Brooke is my total awesome favorite, I still think and know that Cookie would have beat her by a zillion votes.)

Man, I'm totally embedding both of these vids behind the cut just for an easy one-step click of double-the-fun laugh-out-loud funnies of Brooke & Cook!

The AWESOME is here )
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Watched all the performances tonight (go me!)

Quick Thoughts ... behind the cut )
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Okay, so I finally got around to watching all of the performances. I know it's long gone and over, but I HAVE to give my two cents worth (which is more like twenty dollars worth) about this because of all of the outrage and commentary over the performance night and results. And I have to say that there IS rightful outrage over Carly leaving over a performer who gave a disastrous performance and SHOULD have gone based on that performance ... if this show was ACTUALLY a singing competition (which it's not, but more on that later). That performer is, however, NOT Brooke White ... by ANY stretch of imagination. At all.

Lots (and lots) of thoughts on the songs performed, the performances themselves, flubbed lyrics, my rankings, etc. behind the cut. )
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Behind the cut, it's all behind the cut ...

America's Next Top Model )

Re: AI and Brooke -- I still am getting all of her songs, so if anyone wants any recent live and/or studio version, just give me a heads-up.

American Idol )

Top Chef )
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Obviously spoilers for who went home tonight behind the cut.

Dude, you all know that it ain't Archie. )
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Spoilers about who went home behind the cut, but before the cut ... a word or two about The Jonas Brothers (the "musical" guests tonight). Of course, I've heard of them. They're practically everywhere in the media world and if you read ONTD, Entertainment Weekly, etc. you pretty much can't not know who they are. However, you CAN be unaware of how they actually sound as a group. As was I.

Until tonight.

When my ears practically begged my ears to no longer have the power of hearing if it would save them from EVER. HAVING. TO. LISTEN. TO. THE. CATERWAULING. THAT. THE. JONAS. BROTHERS. CALL. SINGING. EVER AGAIN!

Wow, was that singer GOD-AWFUL. I mean, bad, bad, bad, bad. Oy. Sadly, folks, that is what the music industry is reduced to these days. A group of "cute" teenage boys who happened to star on a Disney TV show with a lead singer who insults the very word "singer" with his vocals are one of the hottest acts in music now. Lord help us all.

Oy vey.

On with the results )

RE: American Idol tonight. I love Brooke. I loved the whole arrangement. That is all.
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WOOHOO!!! (Yes, I realize this is coming on the heels of a political rant ... what can I say? Such is my mind.)

Read details behind the cut. )

I'm so happy for him (and me) because I love his voice, his lyrics, his music. Yay, yay, yay. Take that! Randy, Simon and Paula!!!!!!! (Ooh, if it wasn't for Brooke, I'd SOOOO be done with AI this year.) Now just give me some good Danny Noriega news and I'll be on AI cloud 9!


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